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Though formerly lazy, this pony's no slouch... But is there a chance he could crash on your couch?
Arrival bonus55 Star
HouseThe Shy Family Home
Minigame timer6h
Minigame timer skip9 Gem
Traveling pony
320 Gem
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
T-flower Lucky Coin T-thread T-knot T-knot
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Zephyr Breeze lives in The Shy Family Home in Ponyville, along with his mother Mrs. Shy and his father Mr. Shy. He's obtainable by completing tasks in the Golden Horseshoe Hotel or by purchasing with gems Gem. He was the first time-limited pony to arrive in the hotel before later reappearing in the hotel in update 4.2.

Update Added Update 3.2
Album Description Zephyr Breeze Album Description
Price Change History Update 3.2: 320 Gem or complete Tasks
Collection The Shy Family
Gallery Zephyr Breeze001Zephyr Breeze002


Task Gems
Get: Wizard Colors 10 Gem
Bring: 125 Laughter Shard 100 Gem
Bring: 75 Honesty Shard 40 Gem
Earn 100,000 points in Crystal Mine mini-game 170 Gem
  • Completing any of the tasks lowers the overall cost of the pony by the price in the Gems Column.
  • There's a 7 day time limit for completing his tasks.