If you've noticed your iOS devices crashing more often with the release of version 2.5, I have a method to eliminate at least half of them. I am not a programmer, but I am willing to hazard a guess that by now allowing users from various platforms to interact within the game, it has caused some hiccups.

Most of my crashes (defined as the MLP game freezing and then disappearing/shutting down) occur within the Social section and on the Leaderboards. I haven't figured out the best workaround to minimize the Leaderboard crashes, but I can help you prevent most of your Social tab crashes.

Crashes are most likely to occur when you select the "Inbox" menu button on the Social screen. If you have received a New Friend request/invitation AND you have gifts to receive, do NOT add the new friend yet. First click on "Receive All". Immediately "X" out of the Social screen to return to the game map. Return to the Social screen. Again select Inbox. If there is only a Friend to add and there is no button to "Receive All" at the top, then go ahead and add the new player. Immediately "X" out of Social again. Repeat these steps until neither message appears in your Inbox. When your Inbox is empty, click on the blue refresh button to receive new notifications. If new messages appear in your Inbox, handle them exactly as noted before. As long as there is a "Receive All" button showing, click it and exit. If there is no "Receive All" button, go ahead and add the new friends. Sometimes after you accept a new friend, the "Receive All" button returns. Be very careful and exit Social, then return. Receive all of your hearts before accepting more players. Eventually, you'll notice that if you have several invitations but no more hearts to receive, you will be able to accept each friend without needing to exit. And the same will happen when you only have new hearts to receive, but no invitations waiting in your Inbox. But err on the side of caution in the beginning to eliminate your crashes from the Social tab.

If you have advice on how to avoid crashes when clicking on the leaderboards buttons, please share them in a comment. Thanks!

I hope this information helps anyone who has been frustrated by this new bug in version 2.5. Good luck!

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