I apparently took a three day breather from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app earlier this month. (Sometimes life happens, and I forget to check emails, facebook, etc. for a few days!)  Because when I finally played, MLP told me there was a new update available. Sure enough, I had missed the news that Update 20 was live, and I could have been playing with all of the new fun stuff a few days earlier. Part of me thought, darn, everyone else will have uploaded the screenshots for the new things! Silly, huh?

It was great to see that new quests had been created! I have long since vanquished TirekNightmare Moon and Queen Crysalis. Sweet Apple Acres is still enjoying their Grand Reopening Party. Ponyville has recovered from the huge bash that Cheese Sandwich put on to welcome Spike to the game. My gameplay now consisted of accumulating gems and experience in a "quest" to obtain as many ponies as I could, or new seasonal decors. Every so often, I would rearrange my towns.

So now I'm having fun completing the Helping Hooves Music Festival quests. I have found that I can pay gems to skip some time-consuming quests, like "Produce Asparagus in the Asparagus Stand" or "Clear Vampire Fruit Bats", to move the gameplay along faster. But I thought, why?

  • First off, I hate wasting gems. It was a disappointment for me when I couldn't create enough costumes for the Fashion Show Event before each clock ran out of time.
  • Second, and this is the reason for my blog post, why do I want to speed through the quests?

I enjoy playing GameLoft's iOS app, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is fun and entertaining. My daughters like helping me collect from shops or clear obstacles. They love seeing the new ponies or shops that I earn. (Their kindle versions never updated to include the Ponyville Party Quest, so they lost interest in the game at that point.) If I speed through these quests, eventually they will end. And I will go back to slowly earning gems in an effort to buy or win ponies, shops, or decor. With a quest, there is always something new to focus on each day.

So I may not be able to contribute much to the Wiki, and that's okay. I am having fun playing this app, just like I did when I first downloaded it a year ago. Now excuse me while I interrupt Pinkie Pie who is busy talking to Bowling Pony and send her off to buy some grape juice at the Grape Stand in Sweet Apple Acres. There are some thirsty ponies setting up the stage!

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