Update 3.7

Released: August 2, 2017 (Android/IOS)

Hear that? It’s Songbird Serenade! An awesome new pony straight from My Little Pony: The Movie, filling your Equestria with her beautiful voice!


  • NEW LIMITED-TIME STORY: Play cool quests and help prepare your own Friendship Festival!
  • 19 NEW CHARACTERS: Welcome Songbird Serenade, her bodyguards and more!
  • NEW BUILDINGS: Build a cool stage and beautify your Ponyville with Festival Tents.
  • NEW DÉCOR: Friendship Banner, Dance Floor, Party Wagon and more cool decorations!

Other Changes

  • You can no longer skip for free in the last 30 seconds
  • Button Mash's name got changed to Game-Playin Schoolpony
  • You can now collect from tasks from Mane Six even when you aren't in the same town they are doing the task in
  • You can now press an X button for stuff in your social Inbox
  • Clear the sky has been removed but points earn in mini-game will be carried over to the next star

New Characters

New Shops

New Decor