Update 3.5

Released: 5-11-17 (IOS) / 5-12-17 (Android)

Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings are back, and not even the Mane Six can stop them! In this most desperate situation, the most unlikely team of ex-villains team up...

Join Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Discord & Thorax the reformed Changeling to save your Equestria!

    • NEW STORYLINE: Enjoy the Sunset Festival and stop Queen Chrysalis's invasion in a thrilling adventure based on the Season 6 finale, "To Where and Back Again".
    • NEW MAP: Explore the dangerous Changeling Kingdom, a new location where magic doesn't work. You'll have be extra resourceful and smart to rescue your friends and defeat Queen Chrysalis!
    • 27 NEW CHARACTERS: Help the Changelings morph into their beautiful new form so you can welcome them to your town, along with Thorax, an adorable Griffon and more!
    • NEW BUILDINGS & DÉCOR: Beautify your Sunset Festival with flags, banners and more. There are also 2 cute new shops, including Discord's Pumpkin and Trixie's Wagon.

  • Other Changes
    • The entire game received a visual overhaul. Many elements on the main screen were relocated and/or removed, while many individual features had a new interface. Update 3.6 finishes the overhaul with a new look for the Balloon Pop mini-game.
    • All pony and decoration prizes in all Balloon Pop games now award an extra 50 XP Star.
    • Upon arriving, a pony can now play the Ball Bounce mini-game immediately.
    • The last 30 seconds of a timer can now be skipped for free.
    • New Collections for ponies that previously appeared in the Golden Horseshoe Hotel.
    • All locations, except for the Everfree Forest, can now be zoomed out further and zoomed in closer.

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