Update 3.2
  • Released: November 29, 2016 (iOS) / December 1, 2016 (Android)

Hey, everypony! An awesome My Little Pony update is here!

  • -What's New-
    • TRAVELING PONIES: The Golden Horseshoe Hotel is ready to pop up in your Ponyville. It attracts herds of unique ponies to come and stay for a limited time, but you can complete tasks to convince them to settle in Equestria for good.
    • NEW PONIES: Welcome Fluttershy's family Zephyr Breeze, Mr. & Mrs. Shy and other ponies.
    • ASTONISHING BUILDINGS & DÉCOR: Add The Shy Family Home, Dancing School, Racetrack and more!

Update 3.2 Quick Update(Hearth's Warming)

(Downloads when you start the game, so no update from the store)
Update 3.2 Quick Update(Hearth's Warming)
Released: December 16, 2016(IOS/Android)

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