Update 3.0

  • Released: August 3,2016(IOS) / August 3,2016(Android)
  • Time for the spectacle, time for the show!
  • Equestria's #1 Pony-Star is coming to the My Little Pony game![1]

  • What's New[2]
    • Welcome... Countess Coloratura!
    • NEW QUEST LINE: Enjoy an amazing new quest line based on one of the TV show's most popular episodes, complete tasks and get Rara!
    • COLLECT TOKENS: Use the tokens to unlock Countess Coloratura, Svengallop, Coloratura's dancers, and others!
    • ASTONISHING BUILDINGS & DÉCOR: New Big-Apple Stage, Countess's Chariot and other amazing shops and decorations!

  • Other Changes
    • New land expansions in Sweet Apple Acres
    • Mane 6 can do individual tasks now but will be taken out of work to do it
    • Album Image got changed to a new look
    • Pressing Assign in an album page will auto assign them to a shop
    • Due to legal regulations Link A Device feature was removed

  • Mane 6 Tasks
    • Twilight Sparkle
      • Visit Forsythia(6h)
      • Find Magic Book(3h)
      • Read A Book(5h)
    • Pinkie Pie
      • Talk with Bowling Pony(3h)
      • Gaze at Balloons(6h)
      • Dive into the chocolate in the Chocolate Stall(9h)
    • Rarity
      • Look in the mirror(5h)
      • Dance with Lucky Clover(3h)
      • Spend hours choosing a sofa in Quills and Sofa(7h)
    • Applejack
      • Harvest Apples(5h)
      • Spend Time with Apple Rose(9h)
      • Reminisce a little in Zap Apple Stand(4h)
    • Fluttershy
      • Visit Crescent Pony and take care of his pet(4h)
      • Have a picnic(6h)
      • Chat with Mr.Breezy(7h)
    • Rainbow Dash
      • Come up with a joke in the Joke Shop(4h)
      • Jump around with Wild Fire(7h)
      • Rehearse a trick(6h)
  • Other Pony Tasks
    • Countess Coloratura
      • Rehearse a new song(3h)
      • Dance with Half Baked Apple(4h)
    • Svengallop
      • Review the contract(4h)
      • Inspect the Orange Stand for brand synergies(7h)
      • Order Sprinkle Stripe around(8h)


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