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Update 2.6

  • Released December 14 2015 (iOS) [December 15, 2015 for Android][1]
  • New Game Features
    • Discord talks in game
    • Level cap is 115
    • New interface for differing local/cloud saves (insert picture)
    • Easier Player Reporting System
      • Event Leaderboards: report player by clicking on their icon
      • Social Friends: report player by clicking red button after clicking name
    • Gameloft Live is removed from all regions
    • Watching videos has returned (to earn Free Gems, play 2x minigames, etc.)
    • Leaderboard Trophy icon has moved to the Scroll
    • iOS game controllers are now supported
  • New Ponies
  • New 5-pony Shops "Just in time for Holiday Shopping!"[2]
  • New High-Flying Decorations
    • Lilac Sky Airship
    • Lavender Spirit Airship
  • The Carousel Boutique is Now Open For Business
    • New Boutique building is located on the maps of Canterlot and Ponyville, between EG Mirror and Train Station
    • New Boutique link icon added to lower left menu (replaces Leaderboard Trophy)
    • Dress up your Mane Six with custom costumes, accessories and hairstyles.
      • Purchase raw sewing materials ("Get More"--3 random materials from boxes--for 5 gems)
      • Craft new costume items from various amounts of materials
      • Each costume change costs various amounts of Bits
      • Mane Six ponies can vary their looks in one or all three areas
        • Head: Hairstyle or mane changes; added accessories
        • Body: Outfit may include footwear, clothing, and/or outerwear (cape)
        • Tail: Tail style, length, and/or color changes; added accessories
      • Complete costume outfits provide bonuses during gameplay when worn.
        • Increase total points earned during crystal mine game
        • Increase bits income earned from shops
        • Increase points scored while earning five stars


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