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  1. Sunset Shimmer (C) - (38,000 Bit)
  2. Beauty Brass (C) - (35,000 Bit)
  3. Frederick Horseshoepin (C) - (18,000 Bit)
  4. Parish Nandermane (C) - (60 Gem)
  • New Buildings
  1. Canterlot Theater (C) - (500 Bit)
  2. Ponyville Theater (P) - (500 Bit)
The Theater can be used to watch trailers for other Gameloft games. Each trailer awards 2 gems after being watched for the first time.
  • Octavia is moved from Ponyville to Canterlot
  • Gem prices are lowered for most ponies and the Ballon Pop Game (down to 10 Gem)
  • Fixes the issues with the end of the questline in Ponyville to get Luna (should appear in Inventory)
  • New tab in the Store: What's New (displays all new items added in the update)

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