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Winter 2013 Update promotional ad.

EQG update promo

Promotional ad for the new EQG prize ponies: Conductor, Lightning Dust, and Professor.

EQG Update new songs promo

Promotional image for the new EQG songs: "Cafeteria Song" and "Time to Come Together".

  • Released on December 9, 2013.
  • Winter theme in Ponyville and Canterlot
  • Hearth's Warming Eve items in Ponyville shop
  • New ponies
  • Equestria Girls Minigame updates:
    • New songs
      • Cafeteria Song (Level 3 difficulty)
      • Time to Come Together (Level 3 difficulty)
    • Implemented social features: compare scores with Gameloft friends and add friends to dance during a game session for a higher score
    • Reduced points necessary for winning the final prize
    • Improved touch sensitivity in game (green pair notes can now be hit easier)
    • Earn +1 Heart for sharing score after a dance session
    • Increased score per note for higher difficulty songs.

Update 1.7.1

  • Released on December 12, 2013.
  • Mane Six ponies wear their respective Hearth's Warming Eve play costumes
  • Derpy now spawns inside a large gift box
  • New quests in Canterlot
  • New ponies in Canterlot
  • New shops in Canterlot
  • New decor for Canterlot (Hearth's Warming Eve exclusive)
    • Frozen Lake - 20,000 Bit (Limit 1)
    • Giant Equestria Snowglobe - 70 Gem (Limit 1)
    • Huge Train Set - 40 Gem (Limit 1)
    • Jingle Tree - 30,000 Bit (Limit 1)
    • Bell Tower - 18,000 Bit
    • Festive Bouquet - 10,000 Bit
    • Festive Lantern - 10 Gem

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