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Trophies as shown in the Scroll.

Trophies are earned for completing various challenges in My Little Pony. Most are social in nature, but a few are resource driven (i.e. spending gems). The Trophies button is located in the scroll drop-down menu at the top right corner of the screen.


When a trophy has yet to be earned, the trophy image is hidden behind a padlock and chain, and the descriptive box remains a dark purple color. When the challenges are completed, the descriptive box turns a light magenta color, and an image appears in a circle to the left of the description.

There does not appear to be any in-game reward for earning one or all trophies.

Current List

Name Description
Getting Friendly Left a treasure chest for a friend.
Generous Buddy Left 50 treasure chests for friends.
Charitable Pal Left 100 treasure chests for friends.
BFFs Left 500 treasure chests for friends.
Gift Pony Sent gifts to 3 friends.
Pin the Tail Tapped ponies 100 times.
What a Gem Spent 10 Gems.
Gemming Up the Works Spent 100 Gems.
Dragon Feeder Spent 500 Gems.
Moving Party Moved 100 objects.

Previously Available Trophies

Name Description
Friendly Spirit Have at least 1 friend in each Spirit of Friendship.
Pony News Shared 1 post via a social network.
Read All About It! Shared 20 posts via a social network.
Chatterbox Shared 50 posts via a social network.
Sharing Kindness Shared 100 posts via a social network.
Meet New Friends Unlocked one pony using the Spirit of Friendship.
Everypony for Herself Unlocked all ponies using the Spirit of Friendship.
Making Friends Added 10 friends.
Most Valuable Pony Added 50 friends.
Friendship is Magic Added 100 friends.