Traveling Mare

Traveling Mare

Traveling Mare album
Traveling Mare's album page.

Traveling Mare Store LockedTraveling Mare Store Unlocked
Traveling Mare in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

This beauty-foal pony always feels like she's forgotten something, like her suitcase or train ticket!
Cost/Prize250 Gem
Royal Balloon Pop Balloons
Arrival bonus65 Star
HouseThe Hearthbreak Hotel
Minigame timer260m (4h 20m)
Minigame timer skip7 Gem
Traveling Mare on the MLP:FiM wiki

Traveling Mare is a pony who lives in Ponyville. She stays at The Hearthbreak Hotel with Traveling Gentlecolt and Traveling Pony. She was added in v2.6 update

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop Rarity
Royal Balloon Pop Common


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Homebound Ponies


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