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"He may be a Changeling, but he's good, we swear! ... though he sometimes gives ponies a bit of a scare"
Arrival bonus
HouseChangeling Hive
Minigame timer
Minigame timer skip
500 Gem
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
Lucky Coin Minecart-wheel-token Gem T-ribbon Gem
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Thorax is a friendly Changeling who lives in Canterlot at the Changeling Hive along with Changeling Drone, and Queen Chrysalis.

He also has another form, Metamorphosed Thorax, which can be his transformation after completing the series of quests in the Changeling Kingdom.


Although the player is required to buy him in Canterlot, he works with Trixie, Discord, and Starlight Glimmer in a series of quests within the Changeling Kingdom as the four attempt to defeat Queen Chrysalis and save Equestria. There, he is already available to complete the quests.


  • Thorax is one of several characters who have multiple instances, such as DJ Pon-3 (who appears in both Ponyville and Canterlot) and Daring Do (in Ponyville, and in Canterlot as A.K. Yearling).
  • He can be differentiated from other Changelings by his bright-colored wings.