Complete all of the quests to get Rara.

Pinkie Pie: Thanks for helping me set this all up, Applejack! The Helping Hooves Music Festival is going to be the awesomest thing since Ponypalooza...

Applejack: Aw, shucks, Pinkie, it's nothin'! Turns out doin' up a concert's the same as settin' up a rodeo!

Pinkie Pie: MOSTLY the same... How many rodeos have YOU been to where the main attraction is the biggest pony pop star in all of Equestria?!

Pinkie Pie: I'm talking about COUNTESS COLORATURA, here!!!

Applejack: ... Countess Who, now?

Pinkie Pie: ... I am going to PRETEND you didn't just ask that.

Focus on the Festival!

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Pinkie Pie
Quest text "Applejack's not knowing BASIC POP CULTURE THINGS aside, it'd be a lot easier to make this shindig happen if everypony else weren't so distracted! Am I the only one around here with Pinkie Party Spirit, or what?"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Pinkie Pie to gaze at balloons Free Unskippable
0/1 Send Twilight Sparkle to find a magic book Free Unskippable
0/1 Send Rarity to look at her reflection in the mirror Free Unskippable
Reward 60 Star, 900 Bit
Closing text "Is it me, or does Pinkie's "Pinkie Party Spirit" look a lot like colorful balloons? Maybe she should just ASK ponies to help her..."

Pinkie Pie: Festimergency. Just talked to Countess Coloratura's manager.

Pinkie Pie: She's way pickier about her green-room snacks than all those fan magazines made me think she was.

Very A-Peel-ing

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Focus on the Festival! Pinkie Pie
Quest text "Why would you lead me astray, "Filly Beat" issue 249? If we can't get her, like, a billion pre-peeled, pre-cored apples by yesterday, she might pull out of the show."
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Buy an Apple Peeler 40 Gem 10 Gem
Reward 50 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "Well. that's one way to peel a lot of apples really fast... and to calm Pinkie down, too, Nice job."

Pinkie Pie: Okay... okay... getting that apple-peeling whoosamajig would've made me feel a LITTLE better...

Pinkie Pie: If Coloratura's manager hadn't told me she asked for asparagus instead!

Produce that Produce

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Very A-Peel-ing Pinkie Pie
Quest text "...and i have no idea how to cook asparagus, and i am not sure we could get any of it ready anyway, and my mane is way frizzier than usual... Help?"
Task Cost Skip
0/5 Produce Asparagus in the Asparagus Stand Free 10 Gem
Reward 70 Star, 750 Bit
Closing text "I'm asking as someone who mostly eats gems, but... does anyone actually LIKE asparagus? Countess Coloratura must have really refined tastes..."

Applejack: I may not know who this Countess Coloratura is... but i still gotta make sure the farm is all set for the Festival! And that's a mighty big job...

Clean-Up Crew

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Produce that Produce Applejack
Quest text "Shhoin' the fruit bats outta here... cleanin' up the grounds... Makin' sure we have enough space... tryin' to figure out where i remember the name "Coloratura" from... Well, i'll take that last one if you help out with the fruit bats and the cleanin'!"
Task Cost Skip
0/5 Remove clearable items Varies 5 Gem
0/10 Clear Vampire Fruit Bats 30 Laughter Shard Honesty Shard Generosity Shard Loyalty Shard Kindness Shard Magic Shard 5 Gem
Reward 100 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "Sweet Apple Acres looks great... but DOES Applejack know who Countess Coloratura is, or what? Maybe she just heard her latest single somewhere..."

Pinkie Pie: *gasp* I've been so amazingly laser-focused on making Countess Coloratura happy that i forgot about making everyone else coming to the Festival happy, too.

Spirit to Spare

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Clean-Up Crew Pinkie Pie
Quest text "Let's see... There's gonna be a lot of schoolponies there... Schoolponies probably love bowling... I have to make sure Ponyville's facilities are maximally festive."
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Pinkie Pie to talk with Bowling Pony Free 10 Gem
Reward 50 Star, 1,000 Bit
Closing text "I got this list from Pinkie ranking every bowling ball in town by "strikeyness"... Most of them are a B+ or higher, so we must be doing okay."

Applejack: Sure, the farm looks cleaner'n ever, but it ain't quite cheerful enough for a Festival yet...

Apple: Blossoms

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Spirit to Spare Applejack
Quest text "Maybe this is Pinkie rubbin' off on me, but we could use a little more color 'round here. Not to mention gettin' the refreshments all sorted out..."
Task Cost Skip
0/3 Produce Grape Juice in the Grape Stand Free 10 Gem
0/7 Buy Strawberry Bushes 17,500 Bit 7 Gem
Reward 150 Star, 2,000 Bit
Closing text "I get it... So, those strawberries are colorful and edible."

Pinkie Pie: ... Okay... I just finished taking care of the "Optimal Cenfectionery Viscosity" section of Countess Coloratura's contract...


Break Time!

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Apple: Blossoms Pinkie Pie
Quest text "I've planned a LOT of parties, and whenever I get tired out, a little picnic always helps me get my mojo back! I should ask Fluttershy and Twilight if they want to join in..."
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Fluttershy to have a picnic Free Unskippable
0/1 Send Twilight to read a book Free Unskippable
Reward 75 Star, 750 Bit
Closing text "There's been so much running around lately... It's good to see everyponyrelaxing for a change!"

Applejack: HOLY HONEYGOLDS! THAT'S where i remember the name "Coloratura" from...

Applejack: Back when i was a filly, I went to Camp Friendship with a gal by that name! Sure was a friendly one, too...

Applejack: 'Course, THAT "Coloratura" went by "Rara" -- gave her the nickname on account of how easygoin' she was.

Applejack: So ain't a chance she's this fancy-tail "Countess" character!

Carrots for the Countess

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Break Time! Applejack
Quest text "Still... Maybe i'd better whip up a carrot cake for the green room, just in case. That always WAS Rara's favorite..."
Task Cost Skip
0/10 Produce Carrots in the Carrot Farm Free 7 Gem
0/1 Buy a Carrot Cake 55 Gem 10 Gem
Reward 75 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "Is it true...? Does Applejack REALLY know Countess Coloratura?! Maybe she could get me an autograph...!"

Pinkie Pie: She's here. She's here. She's finally here. Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres, Countess Coloratura's... manager?

Svengallop: Svengallop here -- manager to the stars -- and an unpleasantly surprised "hello" to you, too.

Svengallop: Pinkie Pie, I presume? Countess Coloratura sent me ahead to ensure that the festival site meets her exacting, world-class-chanteuse-level standards...

Managing Expectations

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Carrots for the Countess Svengallop
Quest text "...And looking at this place, i'm glad she did. I'd better review our contract to make sure just how abjectly you're disregarding it..."
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Svengallop to review his contract Free Unskippable
Reward 100 Star, 3,000 Bit
Closing text "Is it just me, or is Countess Coloratura's manager sort of... completely terrible? I hope it's just me..."

Svengallop: Pinkie Pie. Unless you expect Countess Coloratura to perform in the mud like a common farmpony...

Svengallop: In which case we'll both be sorely disappointed... I have one simple question for you.

Svengallop: Where... is... her... stage?

Pinkie Pie: Stage...? Oh... you mean our stage. The stage that we totally have. Why didn't you say so? It's right over here...

Taking the Stage

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Managing Expectations Pinkie Pie
Quest text "(Psst. Could you do me a huge favor and build us a really cool stage while Svengallop's back is turned? Thanks.)"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Build the Big-Apple Stage 125 Gem 20 Gem
Reward 80 Star , 2,000 Bit
Closing text "Whew. I think Svengallop isn't suspicious... Of course, i'm not sure his "suspicious" face is any different from his "everything's fine" face."

Svengallop: I've been looking for a phrase to describe that so-called stage for some time now.

Svengallop: And it's finally come to me: "Barely Adequate." Like an especially sad can of wallpaper paste...

Svengallop: Celeberities such as mysel-- I mean, such as Countess Coloratura really deserve better...

Expert Supervision

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Taking the Stage Svengallop
Quest text "If she's going to be anywhere near this venue, i'll have to personally ensure that it's elevated to her standards... starting with landscaping. Somepony fetch me a classically trained groundskeeper -- now."
Task Cost Skip
0/5 Buy Strawberry Bushes 12,500 Bit 7 Gem
0/5 Buy Cranberry Bushes 10,000 Bit 7 Gem
Reward 120 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "Boy, nothing like having a total busypony looking over your shoulder to take all the fun out of gardening... Hope you're holding up okay."

Pinkie Pie: I don't wanna judge Countess Coloratura too much before I even meet her...

Pinkie Pie: But her manager just asked me if the path from her trailer to the stage is "festooned with wildflowers"?!

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Expert Supervision Pinkie Pie
Quest text "There isn't even a path to the stage in the first place! Celebrities are kinda weird, aren't they?"
Task Cost Skip
0/10 Buy Dirt Paths in Sweet Apple Acres 750 Bit Unskippable
0/5 Buy Wildflower Bushes 7,500 Bit 7 Gem
Reward 60 Star, 750 Bit
Closing text "Okay, I could take or leave her manager, but i can just IMAGINE Countess Coloratura coming down that path... and she looks really good doing it!"

Applejack: With the way that Svengallop's been orderin' Pinkie around...

Applejack: There's no WAY that hoity-toity Countess could be the same pony as the Coloratura I know!

Happier Memories

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Tiptoe Through the Tulips Applejack
Quest text "Rara was always so sweet... so kind... and her singing voice? Whoo-EE! Pipes like you wouldn't believe! Camp Friendship was twice the fun with her around!"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Applejack to reminisce a little in the Zap Apple Stand Free Unskippable
Reward 80 Star, 1,000 Bit
Closing text "That stand is one of Applejack's favorite places to have a little quiet time... though maybe that means ponies aren't buying enough zap apples"

Pinkie Pie: Countess Coloratura's contract has a whole section on "Beverage Excellence"... and a whole subsection on "Espresso Drink Agitation Frequency."

Drinks for the Diva

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Happier Memories Pinkie Pie
Quest text "We've gotta make the drinks before we "agitate" them, of course -- but once we do, this pony's the owner of the biggest latte-stirrer collection in Equestria... Which would be super helpful if i could remember where i put any of the latte stirrers i collected."
Task Cost Skip
0/7 Produce Lattes in Canterlot Cafe Free 12 Gem
Reward 75 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "You know, Pinkie hid some of her latte stirrers under my pillow once, "for safekeeping." True story. She forgot about it for six weeks..."

Svengallop: I've heard a disturbing rumor that one of the... "less-washed" festival organizers has been claiming a fillyhood friendship with Countess Coloratura...

Image Problem

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Drinks for the Diva Svengallop
Quest text "A misunderstanding, i'm sure... The Countess's brand is FAR too upmarket to be muddied by that kind of association. Case in point, the set of custom gold jewelry she's ordered for this event..."
Task Cost Skip
0/10 Produce Gold Bands in the Antique Shop Free 15 Gem
Reward 90 Star, 2,000 Bit
Closing text "I KNEW Countess Coloratura loved shiny things, too! That means we have something in common!"

Pinkie Pie: *huff... huff...* Okay... I think Svengallop might be in a MOOD? Because we had a "discussion"...

Pinkie Pie: And he pointed to, like, six parts of the contract that i don't remember... BEING there before...

Revenge of the Riders

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Image Problem Pinkie Pie
Quest text "I've... *huff...* spent the last... *huff...* couple hours making sure we've got all this... *huff...* STUFF... and... *Whew!* ... How about i take care of the spring water, drinking straws, and eclairs, if you take care of the flowers, magic, and... *huff...* pizza...?"
Task Cost Skip
0/5 Produce Dandelions in the Flower Shop Free 5 Gem
0/10 Collect Magic Shards Free 7 Gem
0/5 Produce Pizza in the Pizzeria Free 10 Gem
Reward 80 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "WOW, you got all that stuff quick! But... have you noticed that most of Svengallop's "discussions" are mostly him telling ponies what to do...?"

Applejack: Ooh, that Svengallop... D'you know he just yelled my mane off about my knowin' Rara?

Applejack: And as if that don't beat all, he said if i don't work double-time pickin' apples for the festival, we won't be havin' a festival.

High-Strung Harvester

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Revenge of the Riders Applejack
Quest text "I'm gonna help all of the Countess's fans, even though i've a mind to spite her manager... but this really pickles my pippins anyhow."
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Buy Apple Tubs 34,420 Bit 5 Gem
0/20 Produce Apples in the Apple Stand Free 7 Gem
0/2 Send Applejack to harvest apples Free 5 Gem
Reward 120 Star, 3,000 Bit
Closing text "I remember what happened the last time somepony tried to order Applejack around... It was... well... I ended up hiding under a table for most of it."

Svengallop: Well, that's ONE liability handled -- I MEAN, valued festival organizer being put to better use...

When Life Gives You Apples...

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
High-Strung Harvester Svengallop
Quest text "Not that that "Applejack" character is DONE with her work, though -- not by a long shot. Countess Coloratura's cider- and jam-related needs are QUITE specific, after all..."
Task Cost Skip
0/4 Produce Cider Barrels in the Cider Mill Free 20 Gem
0/7 Produce Zap Apple Jam in the Zap Apple Stand Free 10 Gem
0/1 Send Svengallop to review his contract Free 5 Gem
Reward 125 Star, 4,000 Bit
Closing text "That's a LOT of jam... I guess Countess Coloratura must like toast a lot more than i thought!"

Pinkie Pie: All this contract kerfuffle has pushed my party-planning skills to the limit...

Pinkie Pie: But soon, it's all gonna be worth it. Countess Coloratura is officially on her way.

Pinkie Pie: Just thinking about her official Countess Coloratura Countess Chariot coming over the horizon... Oooooh, i'm so excited i can barely say how excited i am.

The Chariot Approaches

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
When Life Gives You Apples... Pinkie Pie
Quest text "Focus, Pinkie... focus. Countess Coloratura specifically asked for a bowl of cherries under an appropriately festive bunch of Welcome Balloons, and you are not going to give Countess Coloratura a disappointing welcome snack."
Task Cost Skip
0/2 Send Pinkie to gaze at the balloons Free 5 Gem
0/15 Produce Cherries in the Cherry Stand Free 5 Gem
Reward 60 Star, 1,000 Bit
Closing text "I can't believe it... After all that, Countess Coloratura's finally coming. I've been getting pumped up about this all day..."


Applejack: Now, wait just a pippin-pickin' second... That IS Rara! ... Hey! Rara! Remember me? We met at Camp Friendship!

Coloratura: ... AJ?

Applejack: Yeah, that's me! Howdy, Rar--

Svengallop: ... Clear the way! Stand back! Very important pony, coming through! Countess Coloratura's official meet-and-greet doesn't start until the schedule says it starts!

Making an Entrance...?

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
The Chariot Approaches Svengallop
Quest text "This hour is dedicated to one of Countess Coloratura's trademark product-licensing meetings with her humble manager. But don't you worry: Once she's successfully lent her naming rights to Ponyville's Best Oranges™, you can bet she'll have Hoofsies for you all!"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Svengallop to inspect the Orange Stand for brand synergies Free 10 Gem
Reward 55 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "Okay, WHAT just happened...? Countess Coloratura barely got here, and it's like she's already gone! And just what ARE "Hoofsies," anyway?"

Pinkie Pie: Okay, NORMALLY i'd be wondering why Countess Coloratura just spent five seconds in public before being hustled away somewhere else.


Party Planner TO THE STARS

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Making an Entrance...? Pinkie Pie
Quest text "I'd ALSO normally be annoyed that Svengallop told me to get all those pillows for her trailer! Oh, Countess Coloratura... is there ANYTHING your legendary stage presence can't fix?!"
Task Cost Skip
0/3 Produce Luxury Pillows in the "Quills and Sofas" shop Free 10 Gem
Reward 100 Star, 2,500 Bit
Closing text "Weird manager aside, Countess Coloratura deserves all the pillows she wants! Mybe i should look through my closet for spares..."

Applejack: I don't believe it... The down-home Rara i know would never act so highfalutin! I know we lost touch since camp, but she CAN'T have changed that much...

Applejack: I bet this is all some kinda misunderstandin'... OR, that no-good manager is tryin' to fix her with an image that ain't rightly hers!

Applejack: I should talk with her myself... show her she's gotta break herself loose... but she's been rehearsin' those new, fancified songs of hers all day...

A Friend in Need

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Party Planner TO THE STARS Applejack
Quest text "...And those are all glitz and glamor, besides -- not a lick of feeling in 'em! Nothing like that straight-from-the-heart singin' she used to do... What happened to you, Rara?"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Coloratura to rehearse a new song Free Unskippable
Reward 50 Star, 1,200 Bit
Closing text "I don't know what Applejack's talking about -- that song was WESOME! Except for the weak bassline, and the really simple chorus, and... hmm."

Coloratura: Hellooooo, FANS! To kick off the Helping Hooves Music Festival, have some Hoofsies to take home with you.

Coloratura: Straight from your pal Countess Coloratura!

Hoofsies for Everypony!

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
A Friend in Need Countess Coloratura
Quest text "They're just like autographs, only more collectible!!! ... And be sure to catch my main-stage show later on in the festival, where i'll debut my NEW HIT SINGLE!"
Task Cost Skip
0/4 Produce Hoofsies in the Big-Apple Stage Free 15 Gem
Reward 50 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "I take back everything i said about Hoofsies... These... are... AWESOME! It's like i get to take her hoofprint home with me..."

Applejack: Rara! Had to dodge 'round your manager to get to you, but... well, i just had to talk with you face to face!

Applejack: Look, i know you've... changed a lot since Camp Friendship, but i gotta know you're still yourself!

Applejack: AT LEAST tell me you're still gonna do that meetin' with the schoolponies later...

Coloratura: Oh, AJ... of course i am! Meeting with schoolponies is my favorite part of any event i do and besides, it's for charity... I wouldn't miss it!

The Foals are our Future

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Hoofsies for Everypony! Applejack
Quest text "Aww, the schoolponies'll be so happy to hear that! Now THAT'S more like the Rara i remember... Maybe she ain't changed so much, after all!"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Build a Schoolhouse 37,000 Bit 10 Gem
Reward 75 Star, 1,750 Bit
Closing text "... Do you think Countess Coloratura is planning another meet-and-greet for schoolponies? I'm asking for a friend."

Svengallop: Countess Coloratura's megastar-level requests may have been met so far -- if barely -- but what about her faithful manager?

Svengallop: It'd be a sad day in Equestria when a hard-working professional like me can't get the perks he deserves...

Svengallop: Not to mention a day when Coloratura cancels her charity show in solidarity!

A Little Something on the Side

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
The Foals are our Future Svengallop
Quest text "Now: I wonder if there's anyone around here i can blackmail -- I MEAN, PERSUADE -- into cooking me a five-course meal on the house?"
Task Cost Skip
0/5 Produce Fruit Plates in the Restaurant Free 7 Gem
0/7 Produce Coffee in the Canterlot Cafe Free 7 Gem
Reward 125 Star, 2,500 Bit
Closing text "That LOUSY... Did you see what he DID? Threatening to pull Countess Coloratura's act if he didn't get his way... I always knew he was a crook!"

Applejack: Rara! I've gotta talk to you, and fast! It's about Svengallop -- you won't BELIEVE what i just heard from--

Coloratura: Not now, AJ! I'm kind of in the middle of something... AHEM: Helloooooo, FANS!

Smoke and Mirrors

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
A Little Something on the Side Countess Coloratura
Quest text "Just a friendly Countess Coloratura reminder: My main-stage show will be starting just as soon as our tech team sets up our signature pyrotechnics! I hope you brought your Countess Coloratura-brand sunglasses."
Task Cost Skip
0/5 Produce Glowsticks in the Big-Apple Stage Free 10 Gem
0/10 Produce Mirrors in the Antique Shop Free 10 Gem
Reward 70 Star, 1,500 Bit
Closing text "Pyrotechnics... hah! Just a bunch of silly flashy lights... like what Svengallop wants Coloratura to be! I hope Applejack can get through to her..."

Applejack: You can't do the show like this, Rara... not like what Svengallop's turned you into!

Applejack: That no-good schemer's got you twisted 'round his front hoof.

Applejack: He's using YOUR name to bully ponies into treatin' him like royalty!

Applejack: Threatenin' to cancel your charity event...

Coloratura: What?! He WOULDN'T.. Svengallop has always supported me! ALWAYS! But... well.. You'd better have proof if you want to say something like that!!!

A Manager Unmasked

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Smoke and Mirrors Applejack
Quest text "I don't have it... yet. But i know how to get it! I heard him mumblin' about cupcakes to himself earlier -- no doubt fixin' to blackmail a baker next, if he can! Just follow him, and you'll see: He ain't out for anyone but himself!"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Svengallop to order Sprinkle Stripe around Free Unskippable
Reward 100 Star, 1,000 Bit
Closing text "YES! Svengallop's done it now -- hit up Sprinkle Stripe for a boatload of cupcakes and everything! And Coloratura heard every last word..."

Coloratura: So THAT'S how you've been managing things, Svengallop? Using my name to intimidate ponies into getting what you Want?

Coloratura: Saying you'll cancel the charity event i care so much about?!

Svengallop: But Countess! I work incredibly hard for you -- I deserve everything i get!

Coloratura: AJ was right... You clearly don't understand the real me!

Svengallop: Don't understand the... HA! I'm the one who MADE you somepony! Good luck "being yourself" without me, "Countess"... I QUIT!

Coloratura: I can't believe i did that...! But... but it's for the best. I love being a singer, AJ... but starting now, I have to be true to myself, too.

Applejack: Aww, Rara... I'm so proud of you!

The End