Tender Taps
Tender Taps
When on stage, this pony has conquered his fright -- which is great, 'cause he'd rather be dancing all night!
Cost/Prize190 Gem
Arrival bonus60 Star
HouseHoofer Steps' House
Minigame timer4h
Minigame timer skip6 Gem
Tender Taps on the MLP:FiM wiki

Tender Taps lives in Hoofer Steps' House in Ponyville. You can get him for free by completing tasks in the Golden Horseshoe Hotel. He arrives in the hotel after you complete Hoofer Steps.

Update Added Update 3.2
Album Description
Price Change History Update 3.2: 190 Gem or complete Tasks
Collection N/A


Task Gems
Bring: 50 Generosity Shard 25 Gem
Get: 25 Token Birdhouse 125 Gem
Get: 4 Picnic Table 20 Gem
Bring: 4,000 Bit 20 Gem
  • Note: Completing any of the tasks lowers the overall cost of the pony by the price in the Gems Column.


Pony Task
Fancypants Organize his monocle collection at home (2m, Birdhouse Token Birdhouse)
Teacher's Pet Maintain plausible deniability at the Flower Shop (20m, Birdhouse Token Birdhouse)
Spitfire Meet Pipsqueak for a mentoring session (5m, Birdhouse Token Birdhouse)

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