Sweet Apple Acres

Sweet Apple Acres Land

Train Station(Sweet Apple Acres)
Sweet Apple Acres's Train Station.

Sweet Apple Acres Map Unlocked

Sweet Apple Acres in the Train Station Map, unlocked.

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# of Shops16
Sweet Apple Acres on the MLP:FiM wiki
Sweet Apple Acres coming soon promo

Promotional image for Sweet Apple Acres.

Sweet Apple Acres is the third location in My Little Pony.[1] It was featured in June 2014 as a new expansion. (As a result, your ponies that previously lived in Ponyville were put in your inventory in order for them to move to the new location.)

New quests were created in the location and are given by Granny Smith. (some of the old quests have been repeated - as welcoming ponies as: Applejack and Apple Bloom).

The infestation on this location are from Vampire Fruit Bats.

New Shops and Ponies were added to the expansion.




Main Article: Sweet Apple Acres quests There were not many quests when it was released in June 2014.



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