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Sunset Shimmer is one of the most promising students at Princess Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. Her cutie mark is a shimmering sun.
Arrival bonus150 Star
HouseCanterlot School for Unicorns
Minigame timer120m(2h)
Minigame timer skip3 Gem
25,000 Bit
Equestria Girls Eg prize
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
T-flower T-button Gem T-knot Lucky Coin
Involved in quests
"The Fall of Sunset Shimmer"C
"Bored Games"C
"Studious Student"C
"Shimmering Star"C
Sunset Shimmer on the MLP:FiM wiki
Sunset Shimmer is a former student of Princess Celestia. She lives in the Canterlot School for Unicorns in Canterlot. Many of the quests added in the Movie Time update focus on Sunset Shimmer; prior to the update's release, she was hinted at in a series of six images. She is the main character in Equestria Girls.