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Sticky Sap is an ingredient used to make Totems at Zecora's Hut in the Everfree Forest. It was added in the Everfree Forest update.

It is collected from a tree.

Up to 5 may be held at any given time. They can be bought directly at Zecora's Hut for 3 Gem. It is collected from a tree.


Sticky Sap is used in many totems, like:

  • Superior Laughter Totem (produces large amount of Laughter Shards)
  • Kindness Totem (produces standard amount of Kindness Shards)
  • Greater Kindness Totem (produces moderate amount of Kindness Shards)
  • Loyalty Totem (produces standard amount of Loyalty Shards)
  • Superior Generosity Totem (produces large amount of Generosity Shards)
  • Greater Magic Totem (produces moderate amount of Magic Shards)
  • Superior Magic Totem (produces large amount of Magic Shards)
  • Honesty Totem (produces standard amount of Honesty Shards)
  • Superior Honesty Totem (produces large amount of Honesty Shards)
  • Greater Totem of Friendship.

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