This game can only be played when Special events are held. It is very similar to the regular sky-clearing game , but the patterns are slightly different, and the points come from catching sprites instead of bits. The game also features clocks which provide additional game time. In Update 3.7, clear the skies were removed, but the special sky-clearing game continues on before it was shortly removed altogether. But later on in Update 4.0, the event reappears and still use the same energy systems as before. As of update 4.2, the score system no longer uses the highest score value formula, but rather the total points earned formula, similar to the likes of Crystal Mine Game and collect shards event.

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If you have the featured pony, the star level of the pony will add 10% to your total score for each star. But if you don't, you'll play with Twilight Sparkle, with no bonus.

When the time runs out, the game is over. To get a high score, it's very important not to miss any time bonus. The yellow clock can appear in about 15 different locations in this game. Each clock you catch gives you nine additional seconds, although sometimes it gives eight or ten extra seconds instead. (Note: clocks actually give you 20% extra time. eg. if you start with 50 seconds, one clock gives 10 seconds, hence, 45 = 9, 40 = 8)


There are three clock locations which are quite easy to miss; two of the most difficult to catch are shown below. Once the pony touches the dark clouds, nothing can be caught for 1.5 seconds.

Most Difficult Location 1

A pony needs to fly extremely accurately, touch the clock then quickly return above to avoid touching any dark clouds.

A small filly needs to run on the ground until she is just under the clock. The dark clouds can be avoided since a filly is not tall enough to touch them.

Most Difficult Location 2


Clocks can randomly appear in the background and easily be overlooked. Watch for them CAREFULLY!

Additional Clock Locations