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A female Shadowbolt

A Shadowbolt is a member of The Shadowbolts, Nightmare Moon's version of The Wonderbolts. They appear in two games: Crystal Mine Game and Clear the Skies. Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball) also appears as one during Nightmare Night/Halloween.

In Clear the Skies

Shadowbolts come flying at you and run into your pony if you don't get out of their way.

In The Crystal Mine Game

Shadowbolts come at you in a cart while jumping in the cart and can instantly make you lose like all the other objects.

Rainbow Dash As a Shadowbolt

During Nightmare Night, Rainbow Dash will dress up as a Shadowbolt, as she does in the episode "Luna Eclipsed".

Her Shadowbolt costume can also be designed for her in-game character in Pony Editor, with several supplies.


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