Sassy Saddles


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Sassy Saddles Store LockedSassy Saddles Store Unlocked
Sassy Saddles in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

With stylish clothes and bright red hair, Sassy Saddles is one fashionista extraordinaire.
Cost/Prize450 Gem
Royal Balloon Pop Balloons
Arrival bonus70 Star
HouseSassy Saddles's Home
Minigame timer360m(6h)
Minigame timer skip9 Gem
Sassy Saddles on the MLP:FiM wiki

Sassy Saddles is a unicorn pony and the manager of Canterlot Carousel in the Season 5 episodes, Canterlot Boutique and Rarity Investigates! She lives in Sassy Saddles's Home in Canterlot and can be purchased as a special offer that includes materials for the Carousel Boutique. She's a new character in the game that is added in version 2.6.

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop Rarity
Royal Balloon Pop  ?