Saffron Masala
Saffron Masala
Just like her name, this mare knows how to spice -- she'd be happy to give you some cooking advice!
Arrival bonus100 Star
HouseThe Tasty Treat
Minigame timer7h
Minigame timer skip11 Gem
Traveling Pony
620 Gem
Saffron Masala on the MLP:FiM wiki

Saffron Masala lives in The Tasty Treat in Canterlot with her father, Coriander Cumin.

She can appear as time-limited travelling pony obtinable by completing tasks in the Golden Horseshoe Hotel. Time limit is 7 days.

Update Added Update 3.2
Album Description Just like her name,this mare knows how to spice--shed be happy to give you some cooking advice!
Price Change History Update 3.2: 620 Gem or complete Tasks
Collection Dinner and a Show


Task Gems
Bring: 50 Loyalty Shard 100 Gem
Get: 20 140 Gem
Get: 14 Token Bag for Stones 130 Gem
Get: 18 Token Sewing Machine 200 Gem
Build: Hooficrafts Stand 50 Gem
  • Note: Completing any of the tasks lowers the overall cost of the pony by the price in the Gems Column.