Promotions can come up at any time. It can be a Pony Promotion, Collection Reward, Limited Time Gem Balloon Pop Pony, Pop-up Pony, Flash Sale, or Store Promotion. Or even just a promo for normal game stuff like Balloons Promotions were not made available in the Amazon Underground Actually Free Version of the Game.

Promo Sale

Pony Promo

Pony Promotion Image

This is when they put Regular/Promo ponies or shops, or on special holidays, decor that can be bought at a cheaper price.

Collection Reward

Collection Reward Promo

Collection Reward Promotion

Collection book (under the collections tab), if you collect all the ponies in a collection you will get a reward for it and sometimes Gameloft will do a promo that raises the reward in any of them that they choose.

Limited Time Gem Balloon Pop Pony

Limited Time Gem Balloon Pop

Limited Time Gem Balloon Pop Pony

This is when they offer ponies for a limited time in the Gem Balloon Pop for 10 times the chances.

Pop-up Pony

Pop up pony

An example of an advertisement for a pony.

This means that a not normal pony (aka Promo or Special) arrives in the store for a limited time but not on sale.  It happens the most when a Limited Bundle pops up or What’s Hot.



Advertisement for Magical Balloon Pop 50% off.

Sometimes the game just does simple promos where they reduce the cost of Gem Balloons, or 3x chance something in Pony Editor

Flash Sale

Flash Sale

Flash Sale

This can pop up at any time & can last up to 24hrs or less.  It will cost real cash. The sale is indicated by the "present" icon on the left of the game screen, and shows the time remaining to purchase. The items in the flash sale are also called a "bundle" and appear in the Bundles tab of the Store. A bundle in the Store looks like a treasure chest and have various names.

Store Promotion

Store front Pic

Storefront Image

A Store Sale is when they discount gem or bit packs & it costs real cash.  Most of the time, it pops up on a holiday.

Gift Codes

Gift Codes, when redeemed, will provide a player with free items. They are infrequently published on the MLP Gameloft Facebook page, their Instagram account, or by email. On the game screen, access the Gift Code section by clicking on the Scroll (at Top Right), then scroll down to the bottom of the menu. Type in the codes before they expire.

Current Promotions

% Off Pony/Shop/Decor Promo Price Original Price Location Type Promotion Type
30% Lilac Links 84 Gem 120 Gem Ponyville C Sale
30% Lady Justice 210 Gem 300 Gem Ponyville C Sale
30% Bittersweet 280 Gem 400 Gem Ponyville C Sale
30% Star Hunter 315 Gem 450 Gem Ponyville C Sale
30% Night Watch 350 Gem 500 Gem Ponyville C Sale
30% Fiddly Twang 245 Gem 350 Gem Sweet Apple Acres C Sale
- Florina Tart - 100 Gem Sweet Apple Acres C Pop-Up
30% Teashop Pony 210 Gem 300 Gem Canterlot C Sale
20% Stormy Flare 140 Gem 175 Gem Canterlot C Sale
40% Fashionable Unicorn 138 Gem 230 Gem Canterlot C Sale
40% Architecture Unicorn 168 Gem 280 Gem Canterlot C Sale
  • Note:

C= Character
S = Shop
D = Decor

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