This is a flowchart showing the progression of Ponyville quests. Each quest is shown immediately below its prerequisite quest(s), and the level number at the left of the row indicates the level the player must be to unlock the quest. Quest chains that can progress simultaneously are shown side-by-side.

There are 146 quests in total in Ponyville, including four unused quests that only appear in the game files. They are divided into seven major arcs (one each for welcoming Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, one for defeating Nightmare Moon and winning the game, and one for preparing for the Royal Wedding), with each arc divided into two or three branches and (except for the Royal Wedding arc) a finale quest, and a one-quest starting arc at the beginning of the game.


Starting quest
  • 1
Welcoming Pinkie Pie
  • Branch 1
    • 6
    Branch 2
    • 6
    • 1
  • Total: 13
Welcoming Applejack
  • Branch 1
    • 10 (1 unused)
    Branch 2
    • 8
    Branch 3
    • 5
    • 1
  • Total: 24
Welcoming Rarity
  • Branch 1
    • 14
    Branch 2
    • 6
    Branch 3
    • 7
    • 1
  • Total: 28
Welcoming Fluttershy
  • Branch 1
    • 8
    Branch 2
    • 11
    Branch 3
    • 8
    • 1
  • Total: 28
Welcoming Rainbow Dash
  • Branch 1
    • 16
    Branch 2
    • 11
    Branch 3
    • 12 (1 unused)
    • 1
  • Total: 40
Defeating Nightmare Moon
  • Branch 1
    • 2
    Branch 2
    • 2
    Branch 3
    • 2
    • 1
  • Total: 7
Royal Wedding Preparations
  • Part 1 branch 1
    • 1
    Part 1 branch 2
    • 1
    Part 2
    • 4 (2 unused)
  • Total: 6


Level Quest
Starting quest
0 "Put Your Hoof Down"P
Welcoming Pinkie Pie
1 "Carnival Games"P "Droughty Dragon"P
2 "Flagged Down"P
"Studying Hard"P
"Lemon Aid"P
"Taking the Cake"P
3 "Looking for LOLs"P
"Party Pals"P
"Cherry on Top"P
"Cutie Mark Chronicles"P
"Apple Cravings"P
"Preparing for Pinkie Pie"P
4 "Party Time!"P
Welcoming Applejack
4 "Everybody's Favorite"P
5 "Educated Ponyfolks"P
"Staying True"P
"Applebuck Season"P
"Room for Apples 'n' Things"P
6 "Lost and Found"P
"The Path to Ponyville"P
"Silliness in the Skies"P "Brotherly Love"P
7 "Parasprite Problem"P
"Apple Family Ties"P
"Let Them Be Cake"P
8 "Treasure Hunt"P[1]
"Applejack of My Eye"P
"Cleaning Up"P
"Checking Everypony"P
"Disaster Preparedness"P
72 "Gala Fantasy"P[2]
9 "Retail Recall"P "Cutie Mark Crusader"P
10 "Search Party"P "Hay There, Little Lady"P
4 "Book Smart"P
10 "Southern Gal"P
Welcoming Rarity
11 "Bigger, Better"P "Returning the Favor"P
12 "Just Relax"P
13 "Feeling Generous"P
"Wonderful Wonderbolts!"P
"Cloudy Mood"P
14 "Study Break"P
"Will Work for Gems"P
"More for Decor"P
"Eye See You"P "Flower Power"P
15 "Element of Laughter"P
"Flying High"P
"How Do You Like Them Apples!"P
"Shard Huntin'"P
16 "Keeping Up Shop"P
"New Mane-dos"P
"Get Along, Li'l Pony"P "Try My Pie"P
"Sittin' Ponies"P
17 "Filly Friends"P
"Too Many Parasprites"P
"Hot Mess"P
18 "Call of the Cutie"P "Buried Treasure"P
"Something Beautiful"P
19 "Rarity's Return"P
Welcoming Fluttershy
19 "Tidying Up"P
"Fast as Dash"P
"Raring to Go"P "Staying Generous"P
"Big Memories"P
20 "Spoutin' a Lot of Hooey"P "Shine On"P
"Power of Friendship"P
"Element of Honesty"P
21 "Bustin' up Business"P "Fancypants in Town"P "Being Kind"P
"Ponies Served"P
22 "Have a Ball"P "An Element of Chance"P
"Old Pony, New Tricks"P
23 "A Splash of Magic"P
"Stores of Old"P
"Elegant Touch"P
24 "Show Time!"P "Equestrian Explorer"P "Cherry Picking"P
25 "Generosity Continues"P "Pinkie Promise"P
26 "Getting Schooled"P "Shop Dragon"P
27 "Thirsty Critters"P
28 "Excuse Me!"P
Welcoming Rainbow Dash
28 "That Meanie"P "The Power of Friends"P
29 "Equestria's Protectors"P "A Lesson in Etiquette"P
"Time for School"P
30 "When the Clock Strikes"P
"Hurricane Fluttershy"P
"Café Talk"P
"A Gem of an Appetite"P
"Popping Party"P
31 "Getting Dash Back"P "Paranormal Activity"P
"Decorating Dilemma"P
32 "Fight the Darkness"P "There's a Pony for That"P
"The Most Faithful Student"P
33 "Spirit of Kindness"P "Talented Flyers"P
"The Joke's on You"P
34 "Get Popped"P
"Big Ballers"P
"Cloud Guardians"P
35 "The Ultimate Cherry"P
"The More, The Merrier"P
"What a Strange Pony"P
36 "Spirit of Generosity"P
"Sparkling Clean"P
"Equine Embellishments"P
37 "What's in Store"P "A View to a Quill"P
38 "Spirited Kindness"P
"Care and Kindness"P
"Room to Play"P
39 "Tender Loving Care"P "Musical Mare"P
40 "Wonder Dash"P
41 "Wonderful Decor"P[3]
0 "Almost There"P[2]
42 "Looking for Loyalty"P
43 "Sonic Rainboom"P
Defeating Nightmare Moon
44 "Swarm of the Century"P
45 "10 Seconds Flat!"P
46 "Ponyville Center"P
47 "Luna Eclipsed"P
48 "The Sun and the Moon"P
49 "Mare in the Moon"P
Royal Wedding Preparations
49 "A Princess for Ponyville"P "Spending the Knight"P
50 "Courting the Princess"P
51 "Sky High Ponies"P
54 "Best Wedding Ever"P[2]
"Mare and Colt"P[2]


  1. "Treasure Hunt"P is the prerequisite for both "Gala Fantasy"P and "Applejack of My Eye"P.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 This quest does not appear during gameplay, but is found in the game files.
  3. "Wonderful Decor"P is the prerequisite for both "Almost There"P and "Sonic Rainboom"P.

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