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Noteworthy album
Noteworthy's album page.

Noteworthy Store LockedNoteworthy Store Unlocked
Noteworthy in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

Noteworthy is an Earth pony with a cutie mark of two pairs of backwards-facing eighth notes. He is very helpful and remembers everything!
Cost/Prize55,000 Bit
Arrival bonus100 Star
HouseHearth's Warming House
Minigame timer300m(5h)
Minigame timer skip8 Gem
Noteworthy on the MLP:FiM wiki

Noteworthy is an Earth pony who appears as a recurring background character in several episodes. In the game, he is dressed in his Winter Wrap Up vest and lives with Cherry Berry in the Hearth's Warming House in Canterlot. Both he and Cherry Berry were introduced in the Heath's Warming Eve Extended update. He costs 55,000 Bit.

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