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Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon vector

Nightmare Moon model
Renders of Nightmare Moon's model.

Involved in quests
"Unknown Quest"P (mention)
Nightmare Moon on the MLP:FiM wiki

Nightmare Moon is the main antagonist of the Ponyville section of the game. She appears in cutscene conversations regularly, such as when you unlock an element of harmony, welcome a Mane Six pony, and during the beginning few quests. After she is defeated she returns to her pony form, Princess Luna. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.

Defeating Nightmare Moon

The following is required to defeat Nightmare Moon:



NightMare Moon speaking.

  • Nightmare Moon appears as a large image when speaking, unlike other ponies, when speaking. She shares this with the Construction Worker's image in 'Edit' Mode, although he doesn't speak.
  • Her henchmen, the Shadowbolts, appear during the Cloud-Clearing Minigame and the Mine Cart Minigame, bothering the player. Rainbow Dash dons a Shadowbolt costume in the Nightmare Night update.
  • Nightmare Moon was the inspiration for Nightmare Night, a Halloween-like celebration observed in Equestria.

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