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Lovestruck is a pony filled with the spirit of love! On Hearts and Hooves Day, she tries to fill everypony with love in their hearts.
Arrival bonus300 Star
HouseLovely House
Minigame timer240m(4h)
Minigame timer skip6 Gem
215 Gem
Equestria Girls Eg prize
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
1 Lucky Coin 1 T-button 1 Gem 1 T-ribbon 1 Lucky Coin
Quest tasks
"In Love With Ponyville"S
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Lovestruck was added in the Hearts & Hooves Day 2013 update and lives in Lovestruck's House in Ponyville. She issued the Hearts & Hooves Day 2013 and 2014 quests; the final quest in these quest lines, "In Love With Ponyville", requires her to be welcomed. She shares Twilight Sparkle's design.


Lovestruck costs 600 Gem when she first appeared but was dropped down to 360 Gem in the Movie Time Update, and then again to 215 Gem in the 2013 Christmas Update, before being changed to 30 Heart in the 2014 Valentines Day Update and then changed back to 215 Gem in the Crystal Mine Update. You can also win Lovestruck from The Equestria Girls mini-game

Special Animation

Lovestruck has a special animation which consists of small red floating hearts around her, and while talking with other ponies she might throw a kiss.


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