Lazy Fan

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Lazy Fan's album page.

Lazy Fan MLP Gameloft

Lazy Fan in the store.

This cosplayer's cunning -- just like a FOX! Just look at his costume: It's CLEARLY a... TOTALLY ADEQUATE COSTUME!
Cost/Prize365 Gem
Arrival bonus
HouseShortcutters' Pad
Minigame timer
Minigame timer skip
Lazy Fan on the MLP:FiM wiki

Lazy Fan is a pegasus pony who appeared in the Season 6 episode Stranger Than Fan Fiction and is dressed in a Dr. Caballeron cosplay. She lives in Shortcutters' Pad with Silver Shill and Hardhat in Ponyville.

She was added in update Update 3.4 , and costs 365 Gem. She was also available as a prize in the Balloons Gem Balloon Pop during a limited time.


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