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As pretty as a picture, as warm as the warmest hug, they call this chartreuse-colored pony the lovely Junebug!
TownSweet Apple Acres
Cost/PrizeEvent Prize
310 Gem
Royal Balloon Pop Balloons
Arrival bonus60 Star
HouseJunebug's House
Minigame timer135m (2h 15m)
Minigame timer skip4 Gem
Junebug on the MLP:FiM wiki

Junebug is a pony who lives in Junebug's House in Sweet Apple Acres. She was available as reward from sapphire-priced Balloon Pop game mode exclusive to Battle with Dragons event (as of May 2015).

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop Rarity
Royal Balloon Pop  ?


Sweet Apple Residents

Sweet Apple Residents

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