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Ivory Crystal Pony

Ivory Crystal Pony image

Ivory Crystal Pony album
Ivory Crystal Pony's album page.

Ivory Crystal Pony inventory

Ivory Crystal Pony in the inventory.

So he's "ivory" right, and his mark is a "tower"... Do you think academia's the source of his power?
TownCrystal Empire
Cost/Prize175 Magic Shard
450 Gem
Arrival bonus60 Star
HouseAcademy Apartment
Minigame timer5h
Minigame timer skip8 Gem
Ivory Crystal Pony on the MLP:FiM wiki

Ivory Crystal Pony is a crystal pony stallion that lives in Academy Apartment in Crystal Empire with Indigo Crystal Pony.

He is initially trapped inside crystal and can be set free by using Magic Magic Shard shards or Gems Gem.

Update Added Update 3.1
Album Description
Price Change History Update 3.1:
175 Magic Shard / 450 Gem

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