Granny Smith

Granny Smith

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Granny Smith Store LockedGranny Smith Store Unlocked
Granny Smith in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

Grandmother of Applejack, Apple Bloom and the whole Apple clan, Granny Smith is one pony who puts family first! (...But apples are a close second, of course!)
TownSweet Apple Acres
Cost/Prize405 Gem
Arrival bonus500 Star
HouseSweet Apple Homestead
Minigame timerN/A
Minigame timer skipN/A Gem
Granny Smith on the MLP:FiM wiki

Granny Smith is Big McIntosh's, Applejack's, and Apple Bloom's grandmother. She was added in the Sweet Apple Acres update. Like the princesses, she starts out with 5 stars and thus cannot play minigames except the Minecart minigame due to old age.

Before the update, Gameloft released an image of renders of a model for her in November 2012. She is also mentioned in english.loc, in the arrival message STR_PONY_GRANNYSMITH_ARRIVAL ("Granny Smith has arrived in Ponyville!") and the play message STR_PONY_GRANNYSMITH_PLAY ("Granny Smith is ready to play!").


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