Flash Sentry

Flash Sentry

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Flash Sentry in the store.
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Flash Sentry is a high-ranking Pegasus pony in the Crystal Empire Royal Guard. He is kind, gentle and caring, and always offers help when needed.
Cost/Prize25,500 Bit
Equestria Girls Eg prize
Arrival bonus100 Star
HouseUnicorn Guard's House
Minigame timer360m (6h)
Minigame timer skip9 Gem
Flash Sentry on the MLP:FiM wiki

Flash Sentry is a royal guard pony in the Crystal Empire, and is Twilight Sparkle's romantic interest in Equestria Girls. He lives in the Unicorn Guard's House. He can be won by playing the Equestria Girls mini-game Eg prize.


  • Flash Sentry's wings, when folded, clip through the side of his armor. Prior to the Hearth's Warming Eve 2013 update, his render had no wings at all.


Royal Guard

Royal Guard


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