Eyeshade Pony

Eyeshade Pony in the inventory.
He's fully equipped for examining stuff: With that loupe and that shade, he's sure sharp-eyed enough!
Cost/Prize30 Headphone
Arrival bonus
HouseDoctor's Quarters
Minigame timer6 hours
Minigame timer skip9 Gem
Eyeshade Pony on the MLP:FiM wiki

Eyeshade Pony is the pony you can obtain in Amazing Adventures,Slice Of Life,Chapter One(By getting 30 Headphone).

Obtainable Ways Of Headphones Time Amount
Forsythia:Attend a show at Symphony Hall ? One out a time,with ?
DJ Pon-3:Drop the base 1hr 30min One out a time,with 1gift
Teacher's Pet:Test out the loudspeaker 1hr 45min One out a time,with 1gift

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