The Elements of Harmony are a key plot item in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.  The term actually refers to two things interchangeably.  First, it means a set of six gemstones created by the Tree of Harmony[1] that are used to protect Equestria from the forces of evil and chaos. Each gemstone represents a virtuous quality. The Elements of Harmony could also refer to the six ponies in the show who exhibit these six virtuous qualities and are magically linked to their gemstone equivalents. The six ponies (often refered to as The Mane 6 by fans) are the main focus of both the television show and the Gameloft game.

The Elements of Harmony are:

Pony Shard
Pinkie Pie Laughter Shards Laughter Shard depicted by a blue balloon gemstone
Applejack Honesty Shards Honesty Shard depicted by an orange apple gemstone
Rarity Generosity Shards Generosity Shard depicted by a purple diamond-shaped gemstone
Fluttershy Kindness Shards Kindness Shard depicted by a pink butterfly gemstone
Rainbow Dash Loyalty Shards Loyalty Shard depicted by a red lightning bolt gemstone
Twilight Sparkle Magic Shards Magic Shard depicted by a magenta six-sided star gemstone

The Elements of Harmony in the Game

The Gameloft MLP game depicts the gemstones as Harmony Stones set within ruins that are discovered during game play. One of the main objectives is to collect Element Shards resources (pieces of each element) in order to activate the Harmony Stones and ultimately defeat the game's main nemesis, Nightmare Moon.


  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 4, Episode 1

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