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Double Diamond lockedDouble Diamond Store Unlocked
Double Diamond in the store.
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With diamonds as his cutie mark, Double Diamond is double AWESOME!
Cost/Prize150 Gem
Royal Balloon Pop Balloons
Arrival bonus80 Star
HouseCutie Castle
Minigame timer180m (3h)
Minigame timer skip5 Gem
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Double Diamond is an earth pony who lives in Cutie Castle in Canterlot. He was released as part of the v2.5 update.

Double Diamond was introduced as a prize in the balloon pop, but was later added to the shop at a cost of 360 Gem.


Contrary to his album description, Double Diamond's cutie mark is actually three snowflakes. His name instead refers to the expert difficulty level of ski trails in North America.

Balloon Pop

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Royal Balloon Pop  ?


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