Cranky Doodle
Cranky Doodle Inventory

Cranky Doodle in the inventory.
You're trying to get this ol' donkey to smile? Unless you're Matilda, you'll wait for a while.
Cost/PrizeAmazing Adventures Reward
Arrival bonus75 Star
HouseSecluded Cabin
Minigame timer6h
Minigame timer skip9 Gem
Cranky Doodle on the MLP:FiM wiki

Cranky Doodle is a new character added in Update 3.3,and needs 50 Wedding bells to obtain during the chapter.

Obtainable Ways Of Wedding Bells Time Amount
Allie Way: Try to calm down Lily Valley One out a time
Amethyst Star: ?(+2 Wedding Bells) 2hr One out a time
Lyra Heartstrings: Think about a secret 2hr One out a time