Construction Worker
The Construction Worker, as he appears in "edit" mode.
Construction Worker on the MLP:FiM wiki


The Construction Worker is an NPC (Non-Player Character) who cannot be obtained. They only appear when a building is being constucted, as the observe the site and build it using a hammer from their side.

He is an earth Pony, and wears a yellow hard hat and a jacket. An image of him appears when in 'Edit' mode.


  • They cannot be tapped and will not respond to the player or other ponies.
  • When using a hammer, the hammer is on their hoof, and when not using it, it is on their right side.
  • Strangely, the hammer floats in-between the Worker's hoof and side, as the Worker is an Earth Pony.
  • There are no items on the Worker's jacket that could hold the hammer, so it just sticks to it.
  • He holds a pencil over his right ear (as seen in the image).

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