Changeling kingdom

The icon for the Changeling Kingdom in the map of Equestria.

The Changeling Kingdom is a barren realm located on the southwestern part of Equestria, where Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings live. It is southwest of Ponyville, and it is on a long distance northwest of Klugetown beyond a desert. To unlock, players have to be above level 27 Star before being able to complete its questline.

"Changeling Kingdom" is also the name of a series of quests based on the finale of Season 6, in which Trixie, Thorax, Discord, and Starlight Glimmer (already present without being purchased) try to defeat Queen Chrysalis and save Equestria from her control. After the player finishes the quest, Thorax becomes into Metamorphosed Thorax, and the Changeling Kingdom no longer becomes accessible.


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The bridge to the Changeling Kingdom.

Within the game, the realm of the Queen of the Changelings consists of two sides divided by a valley: a forested plateau (similar to the Everfree Forest) on the northwest, and the barren wasteland of the Changelings on the southeast. They are linked by a suspension bridge at the middle, which is repaired with supplies gathered during several early quests.
  • Trixie's Wagon is present on the northwestern side, and functions as the four protagonists' "camp".
  • To the southeast down the dirt path to the bridge, there is a rock with three barren trees, next to a pond with three lilies.
  • Across the bridge within the Changelings' side, there is a table with several camping bags, where Trixie creates her smoke bombs.


An Unreliable Ally

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Quest text "Discord's ridiculous tricks are perhaps just a SMIDGEON better than mine, but...Ah, who am I kidding? Everything's gone crazy and we need his help! Starlight, start searching!"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Starlight to find Discord Free -
0/1 Send Trixie to find Discord Free -
0/1 Send Thorax to find Discord Free -
Reward 20 Star300 Bit1 Gem
Closing text "-"

Trixie's Time to Shine

Required level Required quest(s) Quest giver
Quest text "Smoke bombs...?! *GASP* I've got it! Lemme at those tunnels! And Thorax, you come with me!"
Task Cost Skip
0/1 Send Trixie to use her smoke bombs at the Changeling tunnels Free -
Reward 120 Star3,000 Bit
Closing text "-"