Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley Products
Bowling Alley products.

Bowling Alley Store LockedBowling Alley Store Unlocked
Bowling Alley in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

Where anypony can try their hoof at bowling (except the Cutie Mark Crusaders).
Build Time11h
Build Skip9 Gem
Build Reward85 Star
Sell Reward22,500 Bit
Royal Guard Collection Reward
30,000 Bit
Bowling Pins
Bowling Pins
5h 16m
Profit XP
850 Bit 85 Star
8 Gem
Shard spawn rate (max: 3)
Nothing Laughter Shard Honesty Shard Generosity Shard Kindness Shard Loyalty Shard Magic Shard
1,000 100 100 100 100 1,200 25
Other Info
Update Added2.3 (pre-SAA)
Shop TypeStationary/Collection Shop

The Bowling Alley is a shop in Ponyville that produces Bowling Pins and Bowling Balls. It primarily gives Loyalty Shards.

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