Blue Crystal Foal

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Blue Crystal Foal album
Blue Crystal Foal's album page.

Blue Crystal Foal store unlocked

Blue Crystal Foal in the store, unlocked.

His Spike Fan Club has, like, a million members -- he'll invite you too, the next time he remembers!
TownCrystal Empire
Cost/Prize250,000 Bit
Arrival bonus80 Star
HouseSpike Fan Club
Minigame timer4h
Minigame timer skip11 Gem
Blue Crystal Foal on the MLP:FiM wiki

Blue Crystal Foal is a crystal colt that lives in Spike Fan Club in Crystal Empire with White Crystal Foal.

He's available in Store.

Update Added Update 3.1
Album Description
Price Change History Update 3.1: 250,000 Bit

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