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    April 2, 2018 by ANNHE

    Images used on my Profile.

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  • HorsesDrivingVans

    Normally, these characters cannot play the Minecart minigame (except Celestia, Luna, and Cadance possibly in later updates), but if someone manages to slip them into the minigame they will roll over frantically.

    • Princess Celestia
    • Princess Luna
    • The Mane-iac
    • King Sombra (bark bark bark)
    • Metamorphosed Thorax
    • Discord

    If the player attempts to begin their run with those characters again, the character may not be visivle.

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  • Rowan Alfar

    Here I will list tips of how to Gain Money easily in this game. So, most of the time you could ne thinking “Jeez, I could just be rich in real life and spend my money for money in his game” Please don’t do that! Instead, maybe consider doing one of these? •Keep buying shops until you’re broke -Okay, this may sound really dumb, but shops are really important! Especially the expensive ones. So first, buy REALLY EXPENSIVE ones they might take a while. So, while the shops are loading up just go on with whatever you needed to do! -One good bonus is the fact that really expensive shops give lots more money than normal ones like the “Cherry Stand” try to get "Spa" or something like “The Hat Shop" •Mine Minigame -If you’re going to do this, please…

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  • Rowan Alfar


    December 20, 2017 by Rowan Alfar

    So, I’ve been playing for quite a while, but everytime I load up the game it goes “Once upon a Time” bla bla and it goes to the percentage thing. It still saves my game, but I am so impatient! Do you guys have any ideas? HELP!

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  • Awesomecatz

    A few guides

    December 10, 2017 by Awesomecatz

    1.When expanding land, put decorations on the whole piece of land, so debris like changelings, parasprites, coruption, bats and other stuff can't spawn.

    2.Never expand land when you don't need to, some quests require you to clear land, and some land might cost up to 100,000+ bits!

    3. Some quests might require you to buy expensive buildings and ponies, when this happens, save up for required item (s), it will save you from spending gems that migh be needed to buy even more expensive buildings in future quests. Watch the 2 ads for 2 gems each day, clear stuff from locations, and do quests that will give you gems.

    4. When asked to collect things to continue/unlock something, try to get all ponies that have the certain task to get the item. Then …

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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    An Idea i have

    November 27, 2017 by Hawkeyejonjon

    i have been working on a idea to put all decor on one page instead of having them on separate pages and naming it "Town Decorations" and i want to know(if anyone sees this blog post) your opinion on it(here is what part of it would look like since i did all of the Ponyville,Sweet Apple Acres, Canterlot, Crystal Empire, & Klugetown decor and put the tree of harmony under sections Ponyville Decor>Other)

    Item Image Size Level Price Sell EXP on Placement
    Fancy Bush
    1x1 1 100 75  10
    Pink Flags
    1x1 3 150 112  5
    Yellow Flags
    1x1 3 150 112  5
    Blue Flags
    1x1 3 150 112  5
    Orange Flag
    1x1 3 150 112  5
    Orange Flags
    1x1 3 150 112  5
    Red Pot
    1x1 4 240 180  5
    Yellow Pot
    1x1 4 240 180  5
    1x1 6 500 375  10

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    Heya! Im new

    November 20, 2017 by MSP4PONIES

    Heya!! Like you saw on my title i am 11 years old i like gaming drawing and ponies i seem moody in real life because the  internet is my home!! I love MovieStarPlanet also known as MSP Thats why it is in my name :D 

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    Elements of Harmony

    November 14, 2017 by ANNHE

    Gameplays unlocking the Stones of the Elements of Harmony.

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  • Marc Timothy Moses

    it feels like this website doesn't want me. i just want to contribute to something.

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  • The RPG Gamer

    Here is a list of all the ponies that have had their prices lowered or changed (note I know there have been dropped or changed prices in the newer updates but since I haven't played anywhere past update 2.2 (the March 13 2015 one), I don't know so I will be only doing it through the good updates from November 7 2012 - June 3 2014 next to the change will be the update the pony or shop or decorationwas dropped down in.

    • Lyra Heartstrings > 1.4
    • Scootaloo > 1.4
    • Diamond Tiara > 1.4 > 1.7.1
    • Sweetie Belle > 1.1 > 1.7.1
    • Rarity > 1.1 > 1.4 > 1.7.1
    • Fancypants > 1.4 > 1.7.1
    • Flam > 1.4 > 1.7.1
    • Filthy Rich > 1.4 > 1.7.1
    • Soarin ( if wifi is off in 1.0 and 1.1) > 1.1 (if wifi is off in 1.1) > 1.4 > 1.7.1
    • Fleetfoot (only if wifi is off in …

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  • The RPG Gamer

    It shouldn't come across as a surprise when I say that I love My Little Pony Gameloft. After all I joined this wiki because of that. I really like the layout, the gameplay, and I also like the story among other things. But lately (as of June 4 2014 and a tiny bit as of April 3 2014), the game has gone downhill. I'm not bashing on the game here but it just means that Gameloft needs to improve or remove the following things.

    Please note that this is all my opinion and I really like the game. If you like these features just know I have nothing against you. I'm just stating why I don't like them I really like the game as a whole however.

    When the game was first released (which was a long time ago in November 7 2012) the game was really well orga…

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  • The RPG Gamer

    It was all the way back in September 2012, I was into apps that involved building villages (like Animal Crossing) and I found two My Little Pony apps but I didn't really find them all that good, I kept checking in but I never found any "good" and exciting MLP apps. I had just about given up hope until one day on November 9 2012. I checked one last time and huzzah, I found this game so I downloaded it (I was also happy to find that it was free). I got it and I really enjoyed it, I got it on two devices and continued getting it with every new device I got. I even backed up the game at some point before Christmas time. Backing up every app, song, photo from my device to the CPU. So in other words I can download version 1.0 on any device. I st…

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  • Faci50

    It seems there's a lot to do, and lots of pages that need more attention. I'd love to help this wiki grow, and I believe that together we can make a perfect article. Put it this way: One person is great at getting images, another is great at providing information and another person is great at providing video's.

    A bit about me

    I joined Mlp-Gameloft last year, and started a new account 12 days ago. I am currently on level 55, however that's likely to change, as I level up quickly. When I created a new account, I stated that I was female, however Mlp-Gameloft decided it was right, to make my username "Mr. Music " with a picture of rainbow dash, as my profile picture. If anyone knows how to change your username/profile picture please tell me, t…

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  • Lightracer1038

    The following things have been removed from the game that you can no longer do.

    –Clear the sky to earn star has be removed but the event remain and the points earn will be carried onto the next star.

    -You can no longer skip for free in the last 30 seconds.

    -Ponyville has the same zoom as before by default.

    May change in future but this is what I found for now.

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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    Well i have been away from this wiki for too long. Since they removed derpy farming(i wish they would bring it back) and they permanently banned 2/3 of the games that i played(i play multiple games and idk why really) several months ago so i barely play the game now. I fortunately still have my main game so i play on that. I only play social/special events every week and every day i clear pests/collect from gem producing shops/watch ads is all i really do in the game now since that is all i can do. This game (as i see it) has been going downhill in every update(maybe that is just me but this wiki seems more dead than usual so maybe not.. who knows). I will start updating the stuff on the wiki though sometime and begin to bring the wiki mor…

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Ok, i'm sorry i posted this around the end of the CMC event, but i DO have a good exploit i foind.

    Step 1. Set your language to Russian

    I'm not sure if it works with other languages, but i found this with Russian.

    Step 2. Go to collections, and while it's loading, close/kill the app process

    When you do this, your token timer is reset.

    Step 3. Recollect/ collect tokens

    So yeah, it's that simple.

    Now you can set your language back and keep on closing and reopening the app for (somewhat) unlimited tokens.

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    Gift Codes

    February 13, 2017 by ANNHE

    Gift Codes for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic of Gameloft.


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    February 1, 2017 by ANNHE

    Scenes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic of Gameloft.

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    Friend Codes

    January 29, 2017 by ANNHE

    My Friend Codes and other tricks to get more mates.


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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    i feel a little bored so i am posting a blog about what i changed with the infobox for the shop.

    What's New

    5 pony shop:if you put in "Yes", a golden horseshoe with a 5 in middle will pop up on the right of the shop name. If its a 3 pony shop leave it blank

    After image, productsimage, storelocked, storeunlocked, store, & inventory, put in the file name but don't put in File: (filename).(format). All you need to put in is (filename).(format) as the File: part will be included automatically. If you want the image to be put in automatically with the simple word of "yes", use autoimage, autoproductsimage, autostorelocked, autostoreunlocked, autostore, or autoinventory.

    After autoimage, autoproductsimage, autostorelocked, autostoreunlocked, autostore, or autoinvento…

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    Mini Games

    January 23, 2017 by ANNHE

    Mini Games from My Little Pony of Gameloft.

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    TWILIGHT SPARKLE's Gameplays

    January 18, 2017 by ANNHE

    Let`s Play with Twilight Sparkle, Our Favorite Little Pony, Student of Celestia, Element of Magic and Princess of Friendship.

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    January 15, 2017 by ANNHE

    Short Scenes of characters from the My Little Pony Game.

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  • Andrewteel213

    Rainbow on a Cloud

    January 5, 2017 by Andrewteel213

    I see Rainbow Dash bounce on her cloud in the game.

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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    Put Your Hoof Down
    skip1 = Unskippable task2 = Assign Twilight to the Windmill cost2 = Free unused2 = yes task3 = Collect from the Windmill cost3 = Free unused3 = yes task4 = Play the Ball Bounce game cost4 = skip4 = Unskippable task5 = Welcome Bon Bon! cost5 = skip5 = Unskippable reward = , , outro = That's perfect for Ponyville! Maybe fixing things up around here will take my mind off the Mare in the Moon - at least for a little while.


    • This quest doesn't have an intro or outro screen; it is already started when the player first accesses the Quest Log. The dialog opening the game and introducing gameplay instead serves to introduce and close the quest.
    • After playing Ball Bounce with Twilight during this quest, ev…

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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    I am figuring what the heck make a post on what i changed/added for the month to this wiki(excluding Events/Promotion Page stuff)

    October 18, 2016

    • Pages
      • Made Page Tourmaline House
      • Made Page Blossoming House
      • Made Page Academy Apartment
      • Added Mini Game Time/Skip to Orange Crystal Pony

    • Templates
      • Added Crystal Empire section to House Navigation template with some houses

    October 3, 2016

    • Pages
      • Added the new collections from Update 3.1 to List of Collections page

    October 2, 2016

    • Templates
      • Added Crystal Empire Shops to the Shop Template

    • Pages
      • Added Action Shot

    October 1, 2016

    • Cleanup
      • Marked Crystal Ponies for deletion(this could be on the CE page. i moved the text there but not sure if anybody would it to stay or not)

    • Pages
      • Sweet Apple Acres: adding in the Infobox loc…

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  • LittleDragon Yumegami

    Hi everyone, I want to ask what is the messages about this mysterious masked pony? I got a least five times, the lastest message is this mysterious masked pony with poison 2099 whatever.... I forgot. So what is the meaning of these messages. Thank you very much.

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess


    August 21, 2016 by IrisIsBestPrincess

    I will be leaving this wiki for good.

    I will unfollow every page I followed from this wiki, to stop getting emails.

    Admins, please block me. I will never return.


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  • Chocbox AJ

    Here is my guide on what I like to do for this event. This will be updated as i get new ponies from the event.

    Right now i have gotten Coloratura's Hype Pony, and Svengallop. Here is what i am doing right now.

    Also note i wake up at like 8 am and sleep at like 11 PM

    TS= Twilight Sparkle

    PP- Pinkie Pie

    RT- Rarity

    AJ- Applejack

    FS- Fluttershy

    RD- Rainbow Dash

    SG- Svengallop

    CC- Countess Coloratura

    Time Ponies Collect From Task I start next
    8 AM TS, PP, RT, AJ, FS, RD, SG

    TS- Mane supplies

    PP- Jackets

    RT- Microphones

    AJ- Jackets

    FS- Microphones

    RD- Caps

    SG- Microphones

    9 AM N/A N/A
    10 AM N/A N/A
    11 AM N/A N/A
    12 PM N/A N/A
    1 PM N/A N/A
    2 PM TS TS- Mane Supplies
    3 PM FS, RT, SG

    FS- Microphones

    RT- Microphones

    SG- Microphones

    4 PM RD RD- Cameras
    5 PM PP, AJ

    PP- Supplies

    AJ- No…

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  • WiggysPond

    Why Rush?

    August 11, 2016 by WiggysPond

    I apparently took a three day breather from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app earlier this month. (Sometimes life happens, and I forget to check emails, facebook, etc. for a few days!)  Because when I finally played, MLP told me there was a new update available. Sure enough, I had missed the news that Update 20 was live, and I could have been playing with all of the new fun stuff a few days earlier. Part of me thought, darn, everyone else will have uploaded the screenshots for the new things! Silly, huh?

    It was great to see that new quests had been created! I have long since vanquished Tirek, Nightmare Moon and Queen Crysalis. Sweet Apple Acres is still enjoying their Grand Reopening Party. Ponyville has recovered from the huge ba…

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  • Looneytunerian

    Well, this is a fine how-did-it-happen? 

    My game was updated this morning and when I opened up to play, I found out that the entire game has been resetted! 

    I lost everything: my hard-earned gems, all the Ponies I collected and even the millions of bits I earned. :(

    Well, if anyone's still playing, I'll give this another go.

    Here's my new Friend Code if you'd like to add me: 1411d

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  • WiggysPond

    Just a heads up. Paypal has stopped allowing any payments to be made to Apple for iTunes Store purchases. So if you are playing MLP on iOS and hoping to buy some gems or a bundle with cash, this won't be possible. In-app purchases from Apple will require a credit card or iTunes gift card.

    History: On my iPad, my iTunes Account settings said "Paypal is not supported on this device. To manage or change your payment method, go to the iTunes Store on your computer." I was unable to choose Paypal any longer, so I contacted Apple support. They told me "as of the moment Apple has been receiving numerous counts of hacked Paypal accounts. Due to this event we have coordinated with Paypal and as of now the services are temporarily unavailable until f…

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  • WiggysPond

    I was lucky to be able to attend Midwest Bronyfest this weekend. It was my first time attending any type of fan-based convention. I brought my two daughters ("newborns" or "foals") and we scoped out the vendor floors, the gaming area, the Foal Room, and even the discussion panels. Highlights included:

    • Speaking to and buying signed art posters from Tony Fleecs, an artist and illustrator for the IDW My Little Pony comic series, several of which we own. 
    • Spoke to author Dana Simpson, whose comic strip "Phoebe and Her Unicorn" is published in our local newspaper. She also signed a copy of the first book in that series for me.
    • Went to story-time in the Foal's room (only open to little kids and their parents) to listen to G.M. Berrow read two chapt…
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  • WiggysPond

    Amazon Underground

    April 6, 2016 by WiggysPond

    Kindle players have two versions of GameLoft's My Little Pony app to play.

    • For Kindle Fire HD, the Android App free version is the one closest to the iOS and Android regular versions of the game. It can be downloaded from Amazon here: My Little Pony app from Amazon Underground (totally free). Although there is a Social tab and friends can be invited to play, only other AU players can be added. There are also no Social or Special Events. There is no "What's Hot" collection.
    • For the older Kindle Fire, only the older version of the game is available here: My Little Pony app from Amazon (free, but with in-app purchases). This app does NOT offer any social interaction with other players. (There is no game code.) As a result, it can be frustrating…

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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    Pony Pony Images in PNG format Albums Updated Store Unlocked Updated Store Locked Inventory

    Cost Change/


    Collection Image
    Toe-Tapper Y Y N N -

    Event Prize






    Pony Pony Images in PNG format Albums Updated Store Unlocked Updated Store Locked Inventory

    Cost Change/


    Collection Image
    Ace Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Betty Bouffant Y Y Y - -

    Event Prize





    Bon Bon Y Y Y - - NN Y
    Bowling Pony Y NN NN - - NN Y
    Bulk Biceps Y Y Y Y -

    Added 350

    What's Hot Reward

    Caramel Y Y Y - - NN Y
    Cheese Sandwich Y Y Y - - NN Y
    Claude the Puppeteer Y Y Y Y - NN N/A
    Clear Skies NN NN NN NN - NN Y
    Cloudy Quartz Y Y NN NN - NN Y
    Comet Tail Y Y Y Y - Event Prize Y
    Crescent Pony Y Y Y - -
    Daring Do Y Y Y - - NN Y
    Diamond Tiara Y NN NN - …

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess

    Hello everyone, Iris here, today I'm gonna tell you all about the glitches and bugs that I have.

    1. Whenever I try to open the game, after the loading bar fills, the game crashes and a message appears saying "Din păcate, My Little Pony s-a oprit (Translation: Unfortunately, My Little Pony has stopped)". After the second (or third, rarely) time I try, the game lets me in.

    2. After I completed the "Shine On" quest from Ponyville (Welcoming Fluttershy, Branch 2), the new quests from that branch won't appear.

    3. Sometimes, when I'm in an area (ex. SAA) and quickly travel to another area (ex. Canterlot), the music of both towns is heard. Same happens with Zecora's Hut.


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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    Pony Pony Images in PNG format Albums Updated Store Unlocked Updated Store Locked Inventory

    Cost Change/


    Collection Image
    - - - - - - - -

    Pony Pony Images in PNG format Albums Updated Store Unlocked Updated Store Locked Inventory

    Cost Change/


    Collection Image
    Apple Bloom Y Y Y Y -


    Apple Bottoms Y Y Y Y -

    Event Prize

    Added 400

    Apple Bumpkin Y Y NN Y - NN Y
    Apple Cider Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Apple Cinnamon Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Apple Cobbler Y Y Y Y -


    Apple Dumpling Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Apple Fritter Y Y - - Y

    From 17,600


    Apple Honey Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Apple Leaves Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Apple Pie Y Y Y Y - - Y
    Apple Rose Y Y Y Y -
    Apple Stars Y Y Y Y -

    Event Prize

    Apple Strudel Y Y Y Y -

    Added 130

    Applejack Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Aunt Apples…

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  • Hawkeyejonjon

    Pony Pony Images in PNG format Albums Updated Store Unlocked Updated Store Locked Inventory

    Cost Change/


    Collection Image
    Cherry Fizzy Y Y N N -


    Event Prize

    • Y=Yes
    • N=No
    • NN=Not Needed
    • Note: All Canterlot Ponies level requirement got raised 10 Levels(very few got less than that)
    • Note to self: Need to make sure that images are in PNG format

    Pony Pony Images in PNG format Albums Updated Store Unlocked Updated Store Locked Inventory Cost Change Collection Image
    A.K. Yearling NN Y NN Y - NN Y
    Aloe Y Y Y Y - Added Y
    Architecture Unicorn Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Astro Pony NN Y - - Y NN Y
    Banana Bliss Y Y Y Y -




    Beauty Brass Y Y - - Y From



    Blue Moon Y Y Y Y -



    Added Event Prize

    Bright Unicorn Y Y Y Y - NN Y
    Cherry B…

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  • Gmahold


    February 16, 2016 by Gmahold

    I am a 10 year old girl in 5th grade

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  • Chocbox AJ

    MLP Tips

    February 12, 2016 by Chocbox AJ

    To be worked on

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  • Starlight Glimmers

    Do you have a tip to get limited time ponies in gem balloon pop? Seriously? 10times the change they say? Spending 86 gems and got junk shards + cheap decoration +doctor Whooves.. I have been offline for a week just to get Sunshower the only pony i need now, got open skies and aunt applesauce.
    Also, for you who collects limited time ponies, how many gems you usually spends?

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  • Rainbowtwily33

    Rainbowtwily's Story

    February 3, 2016 by Rainbowtwily33

    Rainbowtwily rubbed her eyes as she looked around at her surroundings. She realized that it happened again. While she was sleeping she transported herself to another part of Equestria. She was tired of being lonely. She didn't know who her parents were. She had to be optimistic. She looked around at all the trees that was surrounding her and started to slowly walk. This forest was dark and scary. She didn't have to walk to far before she discovered a hut. She peered into one of the windows and noticed a Zebra standing by a shelf filled with potions.  She slowly walked to the door and gave the door a tap with her hoof. The zebra answered it and looked down at her. 

    " What's a child like you doing in the Everfree Forest all alone?" Asked the …

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  • Rainbowdash 324


    February 1, 2016 by Rainbowdash 324

    DISCLAIMER:I am not responsible if your device breaks fallowing these tips

    Hi i will tell you some of the tips that i found out or someone told me worked. I play on android and have the most updated version of the game. When you first downlode the game do not give Spike a gem to skip a 30 second wait (i think you can wait that long.) Hawkeyejonjon says to connect the Social Events on Fridays so there is less competitive people playing. If you need some then tap on trees, shrubbery or any decor that is not a dirt road. If you have over 300 of any signal type of like 390 Spend them on the stone if you've unlocked it. If you want to spend any spend at least 100. If you need a lot of AppleBloom121 says to travel to canterlot close the game…

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  • Sailorpluto45

    Who would love it when you get a new phone you can do the same thing as you do when you play the dragons of berk game start from where you left offand the same from when you download it to your computer and wish you could play it on facebook

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  • Looneytunerian

    I have a complaint about this wiki!

    Nobody seems to notice about the Amazon Underground (Free Version) of the game and differences there are than that of the other versions. 

    Now I have the Amazon Underground Free Version on my tablet, but can someone tell me why nobody else besides me is paying attention to the differences in the Amazon Underground Version?!

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  • Starlight Glimmers

    deleted. I dont want to be banned, if you still want the cheat, i am pretty active at mlp wiki chat so you can comes there anytime and pm me. Trust me, it is very safe and i never have problems with gamelof or anything until now. You cant use it while online

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  • Rainbowtwily33

    The New Game discussion has been all the rage lately that i had to move one here. Rainbowtwily looked down at her hoofs. She pawed the ground waiting for her deearest friends to join her.

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  • Chocbox AJ

    The Game

    January 21, 2016 by Chocbox AJ

    Hey guys so i thought it'd be fun to have 2 games to play so here is my version.

    ! scope="col"| ! scope="col"| |}

    You can pay 1 to recieve a randome item, or pay 1 for an extra item

    • Any Decor
    • Any Pony
    • Gems (5-70)
    • Bits (1,000-100,000)
    • Hearts(25-400)
    • Materials(1)

    Resets at 6:00 PST

    Event Reward  Reward Reward




    Hawkeyejonjon Rainbowtwily33 Rainbowdash324 Ends
    Most points in crystal Mine

    Pest Control Pony (Rank 1)


    (Rank 2)


    (Rank 3)

    Social 0 0 0

    Feb. 1

    Score 75,000 points in dancing

    Sheriff Silverstar







    Jan 26.



    Orignal Cost % off Time Left



    Rainbow Dash 40 65 38%  3 days 20
    Lyra Heartstrings 6 7 6% 3 days 3
    Sunshower 80 264 70% 3 days 40
    Architecture Unicorn 119 198 40% 3 days 60

    Pony Cost

    Orignal C…

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  • Chocbox AJ

    Event game

    January 20, 2016 by Chocbox AJ


    Top Prize

    (big one)

    Prize (small one)

    Prize (medium one)



    or Social








    Most played 20 free randomnizers 100k 15 Social January 22 X X X

    hawkeyes game example

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  • Chocbox AJ

    Daily Reward Test

    January 20, 2016 by Chocbox AJ

    Day  Reward
    1 Decor
    2 79
    3 169
    4 Pony
    5 Random
    6 152
    7 14
    8 Random
    9 Decor
    10 92,551
    11 15,485
    12 Decor
    13 Random 
    14 Random
    15 9
    16 Pony
    17 38
    18 Random
    19 224
    20 Decor
    21 Random
    22 19,832
    23 94,530
    24 Pony
    25 140
    26 376
    27 Decor
    28 220
    29 Decor
    30 Pony
    31 Random
    32 84,989
    33 121
    34 43
    35 354
    36 Pony
    37 68
    38 Random
    39 75
    40 1,164
    41 224
    42 31,538
    43 71,996
    44 Random
    45 65
    46 217
    47 Pony
    48 Random
    49 Pony
    50 Decor
    51 85,418
    52 Decor
    53 94
    54 44
    55 Decor
    56 22,039
    57 42
    58 11
    59 48
    60 64
    61 Random
    62 Random
    63 Pony
    64 Random
    65 80,020
    66 Pony
    67 218
    68 Random
    69 13
    70 84
    71 19
    72 Random
    73 37
    74 Random
    75 Decor
    76 65
    77 87,922
    78 209
    79 36,273
    80 316
    81 62
    82 Decor
    83 61,759
    84 360
    85 99
    86 Pony
    87 Pony
    88 Pony
    89 Random
    90 23

    For hawkeyes game.


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