Black Iris is an ingredient used to make Totems at Zecora's Hut in the Everfree Forest and was added in the Everfree Forest update. The shape is a dark purple flower which it can create a rare totems, such as the friendship totem or the greater friendship totem.

It respawns in Everfree Forest next to the Castle of the Two Sisters and you need to clear a rock before you can access the expansion it is located in.

Up to 5 may be held at any given time. They can be bought directly at Zecora's Hut for 5 Gem if there is not enough for your mixture.

Black Iris is primarily used for creating bigger totems, most notably being the totem of friendship & greater totem of friendship. The only standard totem made with this ingredient is the magic totem. It can take 8 hrs for this ingredient to grow.

Bits Bit
Gems Gem
Hearts Heart
Event Currency
Sapphires Sapphire
PartyKeyz PartyKeyz
PartyTicketz PartyTicketz
PartyChickenz PartyChickenz
Wedding Gifts Wedding Gift
Black Iris
Joke Plant
Purple Mushroom
Red Orchid
Sticky Sap