Bits Bit are the main currency in My Little Pony.

Bits can be gained in a big variety of ways, but the main source of income is collecting products from Shops.

  • Selling stores or decor (except for trees and certain other items) bought with  Bit will refund a portion of their original price. This works even for preplaced decor such as Dirt Paths.
  • Completing quests and gaining levels both reward  Bit.
  • Finding Derpy rewards a decent amount of  Bit.
  • Defeating Parasprites and Changelings can reward a decent amount of  Bit.
  • Playing every day grants a bonus which always includes some  Bit.
  • Once a Harmony Stone is activated, spare shards can be spent at it for extra Bit. This should be done in large amounts at the same time because there are additional rewards for every 10th and 100th shard spent in one session, including the chance for a gem in the latter case.
  • Tapping any piece of decor can cause them to drop a single  Bit.
  • While the regular minigames with the ponies cost at least 100  Bit, the "Clear the Skies" minigame played when reaching a full star is free and grants you the opportunity to earn some bits.
  • The Balloon Pop prices include varying amounts of  Bit, especially the free version.

Bits are used for:

  • Buying a variety of stores, decor and ponies
  • Playing with the ponies with the x1 (100  Bit) or x2 (1000  Bit) experience modifier
  • Removing obstacles (200-16000  Bit depending on the obstacle)
  • Purchasing land expansions (though this can also be done with gems)

Some quests will also require you to earn a number of  Bit but this won't consume them.

Bits Bit
Gems Gem
Hearts Heart
Event Currency
Sapphires Sapphire
PartyKeyz PartyKeyz
PartyTicketz PartyTicketz
PartyChickenz PartyChickenz
Wedding Gifts Wedding Gift
Black Iris
Joke Plant
Purple Mushroom
Red Orchid
Sticky Sap

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