Astro Pony

Astro Pony

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Astro Pony in the inventory.

Armed with a telescope, Astro Pony's taking his love for all things in the night sky to astronomical heights!
Cost/PrizeWin from Crystal Mine Game
Arrival bonus20 Star
HouseAstro Pony's House
Minigame timer5h
Minigame timer skip2 Gem
Astro Pony on the MLP:FiM wiki

Astro Pony is a earth pony who wears a red helmet with attached telescope and solar system model. He lives in Astro Pony's House in Canterlot.

Astro Pony is only available from the Crystal Mine Game.

Update Added Update 1.8
Album Description Astro Pony Album Description
Price Change History N/A
Collection Science Ponies

Science Ponies


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