Amethyst Star
IMG 0419
Cost/Prize400 Gem
Arrival bonus
Minigame timer480 min (8 hr)
Minigame timer skip12 Gem
Amethyst Star on the MLP:FiM wiki

Amethyst Star is the pony who helps prepare for the Donkeys Wedding. She is also available in the shop. She gives you 2 Wedding Bells.


"Okay,Let's figure the music first.We'll need a lot of Headphones for the DJ--or maybe rent out Symphony Hall."

"Of course,after we do THAT,we'll still have to figure out Matilda's makeup...We're on a tight schedule ."

"Whatever we do,we need to do it FAST! So much to plan...So much to plan..."

"Once we do THAT,Matilda will be almost ready to walk down the aisle.There are also a few last-minute things."

"Stay turned to the adventure!Wait little bit and you will be awarded with an awesome prize."

"Thanks,Octavia!Good thing you guys are finished practicing--the wedding guests have started to arrive in town! I've got to organize EVEN FASTER!"