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The Crystal Empire's most skillful librarian: She's not just your typical octogenarian!
TownCrystal Empire
Arrival bonus80 Star
HousePersonal Librarium
Minigame timer7h
Minigame timer skip11 Gem
75,000 Bit
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
1 Minecart-wheel-token 1 Lucky Coin 1 T-thread 1 T-knot 1 Gem
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Amethyst Maresbury is an elderly crystal mare librarian, living in Personal Librarium in Crystal Empire with Stubborn Crystal Pony.

She's available in Store.

Update Added
Update 3.1
Price Change History
Update 3.1: 75,000 Bit
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Amethyst Maresbury album description
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