Character album page 1 1.0

The first page of the Ponyville album from the first released version of the game. The left page features Twilight Sparkle, Bon Bon, Mrs. Cup Cake, and Cheerilee, and the right page features Snails, Dr. Hooves (as Time Turner), Zecora, and Lyra. Twilight and Bon Bon have been welcomed and are not grayed out; Twilight has one star and neither of them have been assigned to a shop.

The album is part of the game interface which shows the characters available to be welcomed. Characters which haven't been welcomed yet are grayed out. Two pages are shown at a time, with each page featuring 4 characters, and each character's entry indicates that character's stars and the shop where they work. Ponyville, Canterlot, and Sweet Apple Acres have separate albums.

This should not be confused with the album page each character has showing their description and minigame information.

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